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    Boost Work Productivity: Explore GogoPDF Web Tools for Efficient File Management

    If you’re working in a company, you might be dealing with so much paperwork.

    Many years ago, office employees handled a stack of printed materials on the table, such as forms, inventory or accounting reports, folders, and many other company-related documents. However, today, with the use of technology, everything becomes digital. 

    Hence, instead of dealing with printed documents, most companies now embrace the use of electronic files, which are easier to manage.

    However, some people still encounter troubles and technical difficulties in accomplishing different tasks using electronic files. 

    Don’t worry because if you’re one of these people, GogoPDF will help by allowing you to use its set of online tools entirely free.

    Here’s a list of file tools of GogoPDF below. Explore each one and discover the benefits you’ll get to consequently boost your productivity at work. 

    Convert Your Files

    Converting your files to other formats can be challenging if you’re not using the right tool. Hence, GogoPDF offers you access to its file conversion tools for free that you can find on its official website. One of them is the PDF to PDFA converter that will make your PDFs safe and accessible, keeping the same format and layout even after so many years of keeping them in your file storage.

    Moreover, if you wish to have a more reliable copy of your files in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word, you can quickly convert them to a PDF format. Even files in HTML or JPG can also be converted to PDF. You can check the website to see other available files that you can convert to other formats you need for the projects or tasks you’re working on right now. 

    The conversion process is quite simple. You only have to visit the GogoPDF website, get your files uploaded on its file converter online, and let the tool process the conversion in no time. After that, the file format you need is now ready for use. 

    Merge Your PDFs

    The PDF merger of GogoPDF is one of the popular tools that most people use for employing effective file organization. As the tool’s name suggests, it will help you combine two, three, or more PDF documents and save them as one PDF file. Hence, you can merge PDFs that you particularly utilize to accomplish the same projects or tasks accordingly. 

    Classify your PDF files and put them in a category for quick retrieval in the future. For example, you can unify those PDF files from the same company department or merge those you used in your previous projects based on the creation date. You can have your strategy to classify and categorize the PDF files that you think will work best for your files. 

    Hence, if you’ve finally merged those PDF files in your computer or smartphone in an orderly manner, you’ll surely never have any problem in locating and accessing a particular PDF in the future. You would know what file folder to access and which merged files to search for. It’ll surely be so convenient and time-saving. 

    eSign Your PDFs

    You can consider a document valid, credible, and authentic if you find a signature on it. However, adding a signature can be impossible when using electronic files because you can’t simply get a pen and sign these documents. However, with the use of the GogoPDF eSign tool, you can complete the task as quickly as possible. 

    You only need to go to the GogoPDF website and upload the PDF files you need to sign. After that, you can manually sign these files through a laptop’s touchpad or with the help of a computer mouse to input every single stroke of your signature. Another option is to make use of the image form of your signature. 

    If you have a PNG or JPG format of your signature, or a photo was taken from your smartphone’s camera, as long as it’s clear, you can upload it on the eSign tool of GogoPDF. Then, the system will save the signature that you’ve successfully added to your PDFs. After a couple of minutes, there you have it! You can now save the newly signed PDF files on your smartphone or computer and use them anytime you want. 

    PDF Protection Tool

    Dealing with damaged or corrupted PDF files can be stressful and frustrating sometimes. When you badly need the file for your project, and it gets corrupted all of a sudden by a computer virus or malware, that will surely give you a headache. Don’t worry because GogoPDF has this PDF protection tool to help you deal with the situation. 

    The PDF repair tool will restore as much data as possible. However, some damaged PDFs can’t be fixed anymore, depending on the extent of the damage that has been caused by a computer virus. But for those that can still be fixed, the GogoPDF repair kit is all you need. It’ll only take a couple of minutes to get it done. Then, your PDF files now become functional and in working condition again. 


    You don’t need to have stress and experience any frustration in dealing with your electronic file. Explore the potential of GogoPDF to significantly help you manage and organize your files most effectively and efficiently. Hence, visit the website now and discover other online tools of GogoPDF and many other benefits you’ll get from using this platform. It’ll surely and consequently help you boost your productivity at work. 


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