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    Ways To Improve Your Website’s Customer Experience

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    When it comes to running a business there are many things you must consider.

    Perhaps the most important of all is your company website. This is the window to your business for any customer who wishes to pay you an online visit or purchase your products or services.

    In this article, we explore ways to improve your website’s customer experience to ensure your clients keep coming back time and time again.

    Revamp your website design

    The design of your website plays a key role in successful customer experience, as it’s how your customer base navigates your products and services. If there’s any confusion or lack of cohesiveness to your site, chances are customers are going to find this irritating and won’t appear back again. Whether you’re creating a brand new website or simply revamping your old one, be sure to bear in mind the user journey all the way through. Ask yourself if things are clear, concise, and easy to find? If you’re unsure of where to begin with your new look – get the help of an expert Shopify developer with who you can communicate closely to map out your site page by page until you’re happy with the finished product.

    Live Chat

    Having a live chat function on your site gives customers the ability to ask any questions as and when they arise. Having this easy to find pop-up feature can immediately create a positive user experience for your customers, as there’s a quick and easily accessible button that they can click to have any queries answered while they are browsing. Ensure this is monitored regularly so that you don’t miss out on any potential sales!

    Online Reviews

    In this digital age online ratings of your business, such as Google Reviews and Trustpilot, go a long way. Remember first impressions count! If new customers stumble upon your site having never heard of your company before, chances are they’ll head to see what your online reviews say about you in order to confirm that you’re a company they can trust. Don’t be afraid to send out emails to customers who have made purchases asking them to review their experience online. This helps to build up a strong and trusted online presence and rating for others to see, and can help you to stand out against competitors. 

    Payment Options 

    Many online retailers nowadays offer more than just one payment option. Klarna, PayPal, and Clearpay are all alternative payment options that allow shoppers to either delay or split the cost of their payment over manageable instalments. Consider if you could offer more than one option for your customer’s convenience when shopping on your website.

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