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    Ways to advertise your new business offline

    One of the best ways you can advertise your new business offline is through leaflets. These can be one of the most effective forms of marketing. Indeed, research shows that 89 per cent of consumers remember receiving a drop door mailing – a higher figure than most other forms of marketing. Just ensure that you design quality leaflets, that really captures your brand. From there, you’ll need to devise an effective strategy for distributing them in your target area.

    Local sponsorships

    Local sponsorships are another excellent way of spreading the word about your new business through offline channels. This is where you pay a local institution or club to carry your branding and promote your business. It can be an excellent way of connecting with your local community and making your brand more visible in the local area. Just make sure you pick a reputable club to sponsor – you don’t want to be associated with any incidents or behaviour that brings your company into disrepute.

    Branded merchandise

    Branded merchandise can be a great way for a new company to raise awareness and develop its profile. By creating and handing out branded merchandise, you’ll be able to give potential customers a practical reminder of your business. This could be something simple like a branded form of stationery. Or it could be clothing or a cup. You could even combine this with leaflets or sponsorships to create a powerful offline marketing campaign. Either way, visual reminders of your new business can be a helpful way of building a loyal group of customers early on.

    Free publicity

    If your budget is tight, you could explore ways of receiving free publicity. By getting in touch with local newspapers, radio and TV stations, you can try getting your business out there in local media. By giving them details about your new business alongside any newsworthy information – such as your business opening a new store – you could potentially receive free publicity. This can be difficult to achieve, but by sending strong pitches to local editors, you might find that you can get some free publicity.

    It’s easy to overlook offline advertising, but it can help take your new business to the next level. And by following the guide above, you should be all set to effectively advertise your business offline.

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