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    5 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Your OS X Mac

    There were times when people have ample drive space but they never knew how to utilize it. With the storage capacity of hard disk increasing the prices started reducing. So now when you talk of storage space full it is considered as a surprise. With the rising popularity of digital media people have started storing bulk video files and numerous photos and music albums. This makes the storage capacity full and people often have to look out for Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Mac.

    5 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Your OS X Mac

    As already 2017 has started its time to stop thinking about disk space. The new MacBook has the storage space of 64GB. So this gives you ample space for storing the data. If you are running out of space then you can free some by deleting the files and applications that are no longer used.

    Running out of space is a recurrent problem if you have Mac with SSD storage because the capacity of SSD is less. For example a MacBook which has 512SSD storage will also run out of storage with time.

    5 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Your OS X Mac:-

    If you don’t have much time to clean things manually then you can use CleanMyMac 3 which can help you to delete extra language files, uninstall the unused apps and even delete the files which were there due to uninstallation of apps.

    This has all the necessary features required to clean application. The only exception here lies is that it cannot find the duplicate files.

    • Remove the duplicate files

    Ways To Free Up Disk Space

    Duplicate files are one thing which can take the extra space of your drive. When the computer is used from long time then there can be many duplicate files.  App like Gemini2 can be helpful in removing the duplicate files. This app can be bought from App store.

    • Removing photos to get extra space in Mac

    Ways To Free Up Disk Space

    The next thing you can think of freeing the space is by deleting the photos. When you think of freeing the space the first thing that strikes your mind is which are the things occupying the extra space. If you have just switched to new Photos app then you can start with the files made by aperture and iPhoto. The files from both these apps are stored in one file. Now when you switch to photos from aperture or iPhoto the old one will still remain in the pictures folder. This means that you will have a photo library and library of aperture or iPhoto. This implies that both the apps will access the same images not necessary that all the images will be duplicate. But definitely there will be files that are no longer used.

    After transferring the photo to the Photos app go to system preferences, iCloud and make sure every photo is marked. Then go to options and tick the iCloud photo library. In case of extra storage you will have to pay.

    • Clearing your Trash Can

    Ways To Free Up Disk Space

    The Trash Can of mac equals to recycle bin on windows. When you delete the files they are transferred to trash so that they can be restored when needed. These trash files also occupy extra space. So the files that are not required in long run can be permanently removed to get some free space. This can be done by Ctrl+click or right clicking the trash icon and then selecting the empty trash option.

    • Uninstall Applications

    Ways To Free Up Disk Space

    Every app that you install on Mac occupies some space. When these apps are not needed it is vital to uninstall them. This will Ways To Free Up Disk Space. Click the finder window and go to application in the sidebar. You can drag the application icons not required to trash can.

    • Clear Temporary files

    Ways To Free Up Disk Space

    There are often many temporary files in the system that is not required. They occupy the extra space in your drive. Generally Mac will try to remove them but some system will have more files. Though cleaning these files will not increase the speed of system but it can definitely free some of your precious space.

    There are many temporary file cleaning tools available. CCleaner is the most popular temporary file deleting tool available. You can download the CCleaner and get rid of some of these useless files.

    However clearing these cache files is not considered good. As these caches have stored web pages it helps your browser to load them faster in future.

    So now running out of space is no longer a problem for you as you have numerous ways which can help you to get extra space in the drive. However a word of caution is that if you really plan to free the space by deleting the files then take a back up of files you are deleting. You never know when you by mistake delete some important file.

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