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    VLC Media Player Available for Download for Windows 8.1

    Much-awaited VLC Media Player Ready for Windows 8.1

    vlc media player

    VLC Media Player is one of the most famous media players used on Windows. Despite its popularity, it took relatively long time for VideoLan – the creator of VLC Media Player app – to update this app in such manner that it could be supported on Windows 8. However, even with this delay until its release, the users are aware that the wait was definitely worth it. The last period of the previous year was the time when Windows 8.1 was launched and this came as an improved version of the original Windows 8. After the long delay that it was required for the VLC to be launched for Windows 8, it was yet again delayed its launching for the improved version, Windows 8.1. After such a long time of waiting, VLC Media Player has finally become available for Windows 8.1.

    The Advantage of Using VLC

    Video and audio fans have used VLC Media Player on quite large scale over the past decade. One of the main reasons that made this app one of the users’ favorite ones is that it can support almost any type of video that you might want to open with it. Additionally to this, VLC also comes packed with various features that are great for watching movies, TV or even listening to music.

    vlc media player

    The Problem with Launching

    Although VLC is one of the most popular app of its kind, it sometimes faced difficulties. For example, here are some problems that it faced over the time:

    • Apple was not too easy on this app for the first time when VLC became available in the App Store for iOS and it was even a time when it removed this app, before adding it back.
    • Then, Windows 8 was released and soon it was followed by the improved version, Windows 8.1. Although Microsoft has never rejected VLC app, there was a lack of enough funding that permitted development, and this was the main cause that determined VideoLan to take longer than usually until it was able to come with new versions and updates for this app.

    Final Words

    VLC is one of the most important app for Windows, thus it is critical to bring the necessary updates needed to VLC for Windows 8.1, in order for this app to also be supported on any device using Windows 8.1. Those who already installed a VLC on their Windows 8.1 device are highly recommended to completely remove it before installing its updated version, in order to avoid any issues. The new version of VLC is expected to be faster and also to contain some important bug fixes.

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