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    Video Traffic Academy 2.0 Review 2016

    Did you know that video marketing is considered to be the most effective marketing technique out there? Indeed, most people would rather see a 30-second YouTube video than read 1000 words of text.

    If you are not using YouTube marketing for your business as yet, the question is why not, because most of your clients and potential leads watch YouTube videos. Many small businesses around the world have been successfully adapting themselves to the Age of the Internet, and YouTube marketing is one of the things that they do so well.

    So, if you have no idea about YouTube marketing whatsoever, it’s never too late to learn. Video Traffic Academy 2.0 is the best YouTube training course out there by far.

    Video Traffic Academy 2.0 is specifically designed to help newbies to Internet marketing understand how video marketing works, how to use YouTube to improve your rankings on Google’s SERPs, drive a higher traffic to your website from your YouTube videos and get the biggest bang for your buck from a highly effective YouTube strategy.

    James Wedmore is the man behind the Video Traffic Academy, who handles the training and he is very good at his job. James is a successful YouTube marketer himself and shares his expertise with his students, reveals trade secrets, helps you develop your own unique YouTube marketing strategy and much more. The training is broken down into three main sections…

    • Video Optimization
    • Video Value
    • Video Aftermath

    YouTube marketing is extremely complex and there are several layers of complexity that a successful marketer has to overcome. But there is no question that no small business today – whether online or offline – can afford to ignore the potential of YouTube marketing to generate sales.

    YouTube marketing is a great way to position your expert knowledge and get more customers interested in what you have to offer. The thing about James of Video Traffic Academy is that he does more than just teach you what you need to know about YouTube marketing and how to do it – he helps you develop your own strategy – which is really very helpful, especially if you’re just starting out and have no idea what to do.

    James discusses the mindset you need to develop to succeed as a YouTube marketer. You will be given information on extremely useful free tools such as Google Insights as well as links to paid resources and tools which take your video marketing to the next level.

    Learners will be presented with several case studies and real world examples that teach them how to develop their own strategy. You will learn how to use third party tools that allow you to reverse engineer YouTube rankings. You will learn how to compete with the existing YouTube videos in your category and to get above them in the rankings.

    You will learn new concepts such as the 80/20 rule, which states that only 20% of your videos get you most of your traffic – so you will know which videos to focus on and how to make the most of them from a long term perspective.

    The most important thing you’ll learn at Video Traffic Academy 2.0 is to produce videos creatively, but to post them technically. There’s also a private Facebook group with other learners as well as experienced video marketers which you can join with your membership of the Video Traffic Academy, and which can be of great help to you later.

    Hope you enjoyed this Video Traffic Academy 2.0 Review 2016. You can join the program for just $97, which is really affordable given what you get for it. There’s also a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, which means you are entitled to a refund if you feel you haven’t benefited at all from the program. So, click here to sign up for Video Traffic Academy 2.0 today – you’ve got nothing to lose!


    Raghav Hegde
    Raghav Hegde
    I am a freelance ERP consultant based in Bangalore, India, and double up as a freelance writer in my spare time. My specialties include writing on technology, finance and politics. There is nothing I love more than reviewing the hottest tech products, and I hope to share my love of technology with you, the readers of Geekers Magazine, to inform, educate and entertain. I like constructive criticism, so if you guys have any advice or suggestions for me, I really would appreciate that. Ciao! Raghav Hegde, Bangalore

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