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    USB Duplicator by Nexcopy is super fast

    USB Duplicator
    USB Duplicator Standalone – USB104SA – Capable of copying at your flash cards maximum transfer speed.

    Nexcopy’s latest USB Duplicator is capable of copying multiple drives at the maximum speed of flash cards.

    Nexcopy Inc., is a leading manufacturer and developer of flash memory duplicators, introduces the USB104SA, a 4 target standalone USB Duplicator specifically design to be light weight and portable.

    Their new standalone systems are offered in either 4, 15 or 31 duplication configurations. With optical drives no longer found in laptop and most tower PCs, the USB flash drive is the new standard for data distribution.

    This is a good thing, as USB is faster in copy speeds and read speeds than optical drives and USB is more durable than optical media.

    usb duplicator
    Copies 1 to 4

    Nexcopy’s USB duplicators offer more advanced functions such as:

    • USB write protection,
    • USB CD-ROM partitions,
    • Dual partitions (2LUN),
    • Serial number control,
    • Descriptor field settings.

    These systems are PC connected because specific commands are required to pass through the operating system. There is no standalone USB write protect solution, a PC is required.

    Greg Morris

    Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy states,

    “With the lack of optical drives in computers and laptop, the USB stick continues to grow in popularity.”

    “What we have seen is a demand for both small configuration systems for those transitioning from optical media to USB media and large production systems which we’ve serviced for years.”

    “The USB104SA is a great stepping stone for those coming from the optical duplication industry, Greg added.”

    The USB104SA USB Duplicator has features which pivot from the larger, award winning, Nexcopy standalone duplicators and the features include:

    • Asynchronous copy mode, all the time
    • Binary copier will copy any format; FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, Ext2,3,4, Proprietary
    • Binary CRC verification algorithm
    • Quick Erase and Ful Erase for disk sanitization
    • Four language modes in LCD menu
    • USB speed benchmark utility
    • Firmware upgradeable

    A Nexcopy spokesman said:

    “What we have seen, are small organizations and business requesting something low cost and low volume for data duplication. Our main focus is still business-to-business, but the growing demand for low volume duplication equipment justified the development of a product like the USB104SA.”

    This USB Duplicator is a portable solution ideal for trade shows or spoken word events.

    usb duplicator
    Ideal for trade shows

    The unit weighs less than one pound and with a foot print of about six inches by one inch tall. The unit can easily fit into your computer bag, which is ideal for carry-on luggage at the airport.

    The USB duplicator is powered by a microUSB cable which can be connected to your computer laptop USB port. A USB block is also provided for powering from an outlet.

    Nexcopy President said,

    “What I like about this unit is the feature rich firmware. We did not compromise on the firmware settings and offer less. We offer the same functionality as our larger standalone USB duplicator models.”

    Nexcopy firmware is a code technology which has evolved since 2008. This system is backward compatible with USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 flash memory.

    The system will accept SD card reader adapters, microSD and CF card reader adapters. The firmware may be used to speed test flash memory which is a great tool for understanding the quality of flash memory a supplier has provided.

    The USB104SA has four languages for the menu system. English, Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. The menu has a back lite 2×20 screen and provides multiple settings for performance and status feedback.

    The USB104SA is a 1 master to 4 target system.

    About Nexcopy:

    Established in 2004, Nexcopy Inc. has grown to become an industry leader in USB duplicator and other flash memory management solutions.  Nexcopy uses proprietary software and systems to manufacture both PC based and standalone flash memory duplicators. 

    The original USB duplicator went through 20,000 drives of data loading and testing before the first production unit was introduced.  Nexcopy also offers USB copy protection and digital rights management on flash memory.

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