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    Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips 2016

    Twitter has had a rough ride recently and has had to shed 10 percent of its workforce. The Twitter stock has plummeted as well. Regardless, Twitter continues to be an extremely popular social network with over 380 million users all over the world. Twitter offers excellent marketing opportunities for small businesses as well.

    Let’s look at the top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips 2016.

    1. Tweet Regularly

    Really, if you want to make an impression on Twitter, you really need to be tweeting regularly. Tweeting regularly indicates the robust health of your Twitter profile. You can’t really do much marketing on Twitter if you tweet just once a week on it. When you don’t tweet much, your followers will forget all about you.

    1. Ask for Some Twitter Love

    Don’t be shy to ask your followers to retweet or favorite your tweets. It’s perfectly okay to ask them to do it – it is a common practice on Twitter. That’s how you spread your word.

    1. Track All Mentions

    Track all mentions of your brand. It is important to monitor your online reputation on Twitter. It’s possible that many of these mentions will have a negative tone. Don’t lose your cool, remain professional and courteous and make your point calmly, in a respectful manner.

    1. Customer Service and Twitter

    Did you know that in the age of the social media, customer service is the new marketing? There are going to be a lot of customers who will address queries or make complaints to you on Twitter. Track all mentions related to your brand and resolve their issues as and when they come up. Customers love that because they don’t really expect to be heard, so your gesture won’t get unappreciated.

    1. Offer Discounts, Promos, Special Deals and Coupons to Your Twitter Followers

    Run regular Twitter contests and offer amazing discounts, coupons, promos, special deals and more to those participating in them. For example, start a quiz contest on Twitter and offer coupon codes to the winners. This is a great way to build awareness of your brand and to attract new clients or customers to your business.

    1. Take Advantage of Promoted Tweets

    Twitter allows you to run promoted tweets – that’s how Twitter makes money. Promoted tweets are a terrific way to grow your brand, spread awareness about your business and to market your products and services. Ensure that your promoted tweets don’t run for too long and are fresh in mind. Promoted tweets build your credibility in the marketplace and establish trust in your business.

    1. Use Social Media Management Tools

    Social media management tools such as TweetDeck and HootSuite are a great way to monitor your online reputation on Twitter. They track every tweet where your brand gets mentioned, whether positively or negatively, and give you enough time for damage control, if needed.

    1. Target the Influencers and Experts in Your Industry

    Target the experts and influencers in your industry. They could be journalists, bloggers, YouTube marketers, writers, clients or potential business partners. They are people with 5000 or more followers. Keeping them engaged in conversations and retweeting them from time to time can really make a difference.

    1. Remember to Retweet and Favorite Tweets

    Make it a point to retweet and favorite tweets whenever you can. Retweeting and favoriting is a way to build a connection with your audience, to get their attention and to attract them to your business.

    1. Follow the Latest Twitter Trends or Hashtags

    You should make it a point to follow the latest Twitter trends or hashtags and connect them with your business in a meaningful manner by tagging your posts to these hashtags. This is a great way to reach out to a much larger audience.



    Raghav Hegde
    Raghav Hegde
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