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    Transform Your Listings into Sales Magnets with eCommerce Product Data Enrichment

    According to Forbes, 80% of consumers will end up  leaving your website if they have a bad search experience.

    This holds true for everyone who ever visited an eCommerce website and was introduced to products that had little or nothing to do with their search query. This is not just an annoyance for the shoppers but is also a matter of concern for eCommerce businesses. 

    To drive successful search results and improve conversions, your product data should be complete, accurate, and tailored to the way consumers search for your products. You can achieve all of this through product data enrichment. 

    This article will guide you more insight on product data enrichment and tips to implement it. Moreover, it will also discuss how enriched data can help drive sales and why you should consider reaching out to eCommerce product data enrichment services for your business. 

    What is eCommerce Product Data Enrichment?

    Product data enrichment is the process of enriching raw product data in order to improve customer experience. This involves adding extra information and attributes to a product to ensure that the customers have enough information to make an informed buying decision. 

    For example, if you have raw data of a product such as a name, image, color, size, etc. Herein, you can enrich this data, followed by a compelling product description, highlighting the main features of the product, the material used, and the care instructions. Adding on, you can use high-quality product images showcasing the product from different angles.

    Best Practices for Product Data Enrichment

    eCommerce businesses highly rely on data. While quality data can help businesses retain customers and generate sales, poor quality data can ultimately hamper its credibility and conversion rates. Here are some effective tips to enrich your eCommerce product data:

    • Follow the 80/20 rule

    You can apply the 80/20 (Pareto Principle) while performing data enrichment. This is to determine the small percentage of products that drive the highest revenue. Now, turn your focus towards enriching these products. This will comparatively have a greater impact on your sales (in a shorter time period) rather than enriching each and every product.

    • Curate well-defined product descriptions

    Product descriptions help provide customers with a detailed understanding of the products they’re looking to invest in. if they don’t find enough information to make an informed purchasing decision, they’re likely to turn their backs at your business. Hence, make sure that your product descriptions:

    -accurately describes the product including its features, specifications, and benefits.

    -are written in simple, easy-to-understand language.

    -are concise yet comprehensive enough to provide all the necessary information. 

    -include relevant keywords to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Categorize Products accordingly 

    Incorrect categorization is a common issue in many eCommerce websites. This often poses a challenge for customers trying to find a particular product. More so, it also misdirects web crawlers, resulting in low SEO rankings. To avoid such issues, it’s important to develop proper product taxonomies. This is to ensure that all the products are categorized accurately based on their attributes, such as size, color, material, or category. Correctly categorizing products will help customers find products easily and quickly. 

    • Add quality product images

    High-resolution product images can help increase customer engagement and reduce bounce rates. Moreover, having top-quality product images helps build customer confidence as they are able to visualize and understand what they are actually investing in. 

    Hence, include clear and sharp images with accurate colors and no distortion. You can also try adding multiple images from different angles to help customers get a better sense of your product. Herein, make sure that all the images follow a consistent style and format with uniform background and lightning. 

    How can Enriched Product Data Influence Your Sales?

    Product enrichment can be a great way to drive more sales and improve your conversion rates. Here’s how:

    • Improved search engine rankings 

    Product data, enriched with attributes like product tags, accurate descriptions, alt tags, and other relevant information, can help search engines better recognize and recommend your product to potential customers. This can help with improved SEO ranking and increased visibility of your brand, inviting more customers to your website. 

    • Up-sell or cross-sell your products

    Google search engine shows relevant search results based on the users’ request. However, you can use data analytics to determine the user’s intent. With this, you can identify related products that customers are more likely to find interesting. Thereafter, you can label these products with tags like ‘similar products’, ‘frequently bought together,’ or ‘recommended for you’ to promote upselling and cross-selling. This can help with increased sales by encouraging shoppers to purchase related items they may not have considered otherwise.

    • Reduced returns

    Research shows that about ⅓  of product returns are a result of what customers believe as sellers’ mistakes. This means that customers receive products that do not meet their expectations or do not match the product description provided on the website. 

    However, by implementing proper attribution and enriched descriptions, businesses can avoid this issue. Enriched data can provide customers with accurate descriptions and images to help them make more informed decisions. This can increase customer satisfaction, reducing the rate of returns. 

    • Avoid brand interference

    Brand interference happens when a customer searches for a specific brand’s product, but the results show similar or competing products from different brands. This often leads to confusion among the shoppers and can also result in lost sales for the original brand. Product data, enriched with detailed descriptions, accurate categorization, and tagged with the right attributes can make your products easily discoverable in the search results. This will ultimately help in reducing brand interference and lead to better customer experience and increased sales. 

    • Fast product discovery

    Product data enrichment helps customers find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. When data contains complete and accurate product information, customers can use search filters and other sorting options to discover products that align with their search queries. Quick product discovery helps customers find the products they are looking for and increases their chances of making a purchase. 

    Why Consider Partnering with Professional Product Enrichment Services?

    Product data can greatly influence shoppers’ buying decisions. Hence it’s important for eCommerce businesses to provide information that is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. However, managing data and enriching it with all the required attributes can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for businesses with large product catalogs. And this is where professional product enrichment services can serve as a helping hand. 

    Working with professional services can help businesses improve the quality of their product data by leveraging advanced tools and technologies. More so, these services come with the support of a team of experts with experience in dealing with complex datasets. The professionals keep an eye out for details, so that there is no scope for errors and inconsistencies in the results. 


    In short, product data enrichment can significantly impact your sales. By optimizing your product listings with accurate and complete information, you can enhance customer experience, drive more traffic and improve your search engine rankings. Whereas, Professional eCommerce data enrichment services can help you better achieve these goals by providing effective product data management solutions. Ultimately, investing in product data enrichment can benefit businesses in terms of increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and a strong brand reputation. 

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