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    8 Twitter clients for ubuntu – Linux

    Twitter is a web service which allows only 140 characters of a status update, and send it to all of your friends / followers. This can be done using any device which has internet connectivity like iPhone, pc, laptops, android, iPad and mobile phones. Twitter Clients are basically Twitter Desktop application, which allow you to read your friends tweets or status, update your status and share your shorten links from your desktop, there  are several twitter clients for ubuntu available, therefore today we are going to share top twitter clients for Ubuntu or linux.

    Twitter is provided by its server as a default application but you can also modifty accourding to your convenience. The twitter clients are capable of custimising whole appliucation so that you can easily change chronological listy of tweets and redesign them. These are the third party clients which do not have any concern with official twitter. But you can easily configure twitter clients for ubuntu with default application of twitter. All it needs is to signup to a twitter account with valid user name and id.



    twitter clients for ubuntu


    twitter clients for ubuntu



    twitter clients for ubuntu



    Destroy Twitter

    twitter clients for ubuntu



    twitter clients for ubuntu



    twitter clients for ubuntu



    twitter clients for ubuntu



    twitter clients for ubuntu


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    1. Mobile Twitter Client with fast access, very minimalist design and rich of features that you don’t get on the normal mobile Twitter site.
      Designed with a very slim method so it will speed up the access and of course save the cost.

    2. i thot ubuntu was useless and uninstalled it..its really confusing// some 1 pls provide me with a guide how to use it perfectly

    3. Thanks for this post, I just tried some of them and, wow Choqok is really owesome. Now replaced gwibber with it.

    4. your screenshot of gwibber fails to show it has multipane view as well.

      Hotot is another great, lightweight client for twitter/


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