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    Top Security Tools for Commercial Security Companies

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    Businesses are pooling more resources into their existing security systems and safeguards because they understand the importance of security to their growth.

    Commercial security companies offer different forms of protection that cater to both small and established businesses. Unlike residential security systems, businesses often need multiple solutions to keep people, data and assets safe.

    There’s a lot of movement in any business – people are always coming in and out of buildings, and data is constantly in motion. Physical as well as technological efforts are necessary to cater to the needs of individual businesses.

    Security companies have to be mindful of the unique security needs of businesses and provide tailored solutions. Before any new system is introduced, it helps if a company is willing to bring in a professional who can conduct a security audit. The audit will determine the company’s security strengths and weaknesses, and what systems might work best for their individual needs.

    That being said, most clients will respond to commercial security companies that have or know how to use some of these tools.

    Access control

    Access control aims to limit who can enter a space. Only personnel with the correct credentials can gain entry into a commercial space. How the system works depends on the technology in place, but access information has to be sent to a central system.

    More security companies are supporting keyless lock systems because the technology is trustworthy and convenient. Depending on the business’ needs, security providers may decide on biometric, mechanical, or electronic systems. Some technologies combine two or more of the methods.

    Mechanical systems have been around for a while now and require the person who is trying to gain access to enter a combination of codes. They’re great for outdoor use because of their tough build. This is similar to how electrical models work, except that with those, electrical currents pass through the keypad. These two types of keyless systems are not without their problems though. Codes can still be lost, forgotten or stolen. Biometric models are harder to fool because they use technologies like fingerprints or facial recognition to determine authorization.

    Commercial security companies may also use or work with other access control systems, including:

    • Keys
    • Retina scans
    • Badges
    • Passcodes
    • Pins
    • Video verification

    Security cameras/video surveillance

    There are many security cameras for businesses to choose from. Before deciding on a model, it helps to consider a few factors that are tied to the purpose of the surveillance system.

    Determine the range of monitoring the business wants. Some organizations are simply interested in having a general view of the work area. Others may want to curtail thefts by customers, while some businesses like to monitor foot traffic in the building.

    Know whether the business wants to capture events outdoors and in the dark. Will the surveillance system function only when the business is open? What is the duration they plan to store footage for?

    Having the answers to these questions makes it easier to choose the best technology for a particular company or institution.

    To ensure clean crisp footage, look out for these features in your camera:

    • Good lighting
    • Movement detectors
    • Facial recognition
    • Night vision

    To ensure reliability with a video surveillance system, use cloud-based video management systems. This lessens the possibility of someone tampering with confidential materials. Authorized personnel can view footage in real-time with this solution. There are many trusted video management system providers that allow for the integration of surveillance cameras with other security tools.

    Guard tour systems

    Having guards patrol big spaces makes sense. But sometimes patrols aren’t as strategic as they should be. A guard tour system can help fix that. Patrol Points, for example, gives security teams the ability to create multiple routes ahead of time. The system instructs guards on when to start patrols and where to go. The NFC checkpoints are small but durable, and guards only need a smartphone and the app to complete routes.

    If there is an area that appears to be particularly vulnerable, routes can be adjusted so that guards visit those spots more frequently.  

    Alarm systems

    Alarm systems are reliable and relatively affordable compared to some other options. They notify the security company, police, and/or business owner when something is wrong. Alarms are not just for break-ins; a complete commercial alarm system will include safety components like a fire alarm or natural disaster system. Again, if the alarm system can integrate with other tools, the facility will be more secure. If the alarm system can be disarmed through mobile access control, this is even better.

    Businesses may elect to install alarm monitors only at entry points, or in hallways and windows too. Door alarms and intruder detectors can operate using any of these sensor types:

    • Passive infrared motion detectors
    • Microwave sensors
    • Door contact sensors
    • Photoelectric beam systems
    • Glass break acoustic detectors

    These sensors send signals to a control unit through a wireless network. Some other types use remote monitoring and have individuals on standby to contact the authorities when there’s an emergency.

    Fire safety system

    Many technological tools exist to handle emergencies like fire or other life-threatening dangers. Businesses and institutions are legally required to install these types of devices, but some are more sophisticated than others.

    Heat detectors. These reduce the extent of damage by reacting to an increase in temperature caused by fire.

    Smoke detectors. Smoke detectors sense air particles caused by fire and signal this to the alarm system.

    Carbon dioxide detectors. These tools can measure gas concentration in the air and trigger the alarm.

    Magnetic fire doors. These connect to the fire alarm system using electromagnetic hardware.

    Sprinklers. Sprinklers release water when a fire is detected or a certain temperature is exceeded.

    Break glass unit. This is used in high-risk areas to signal a circuit break in an emergency.

    Evacuation signals. Evacuation signals are used to indicate emergency evacuations.

    Deciding on the right systems

    From lighting systems to cyber security tools and those for perimeter security, businesses have different security needs. Security companies can help them decide on the best options by considering certain factors.

    Physical space

    Setting up the right devices in the wrong space can hamper security efforts. Security professionals should inspect a business’ physical space before making recommendations. This way, they can choose the best tools and know the sophistication of the equipment required to fully secure a business. A small office space, for instance, will not require a camera that can zoom in 30× or one that spans 360 degrees.

    Security concerns

    This is a big one. Any solutions offered must help to solve the client’s security concerns. Large businesses will often need professional monitoring to cater to the many activities happening within the premises. Conversely, some businesses prefer to have enough storage to backup footage while others simply want live feed.


    The choice between DIY and professional installation usually depends on budget and how complex the tools are. Most wireless tools have easy installation, so clients can do pretty much everything on their own. A more complex wired system will require professional installation.

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