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    Top 7 Websites to Buy Movies Online

    We can only watch newly released movies in the theaters and probably it’s quite impossible to get titles that we missed watching in theaters and it will definitely cost a big fortune if we will try to purchase all that from the available market. If there is a need of any title from old memories then it makes so hard to find even in markets. But thanks to the World Wide Web, we are given the privilege to download films for freely and premiumly and play them as many times as you want. Today, however copyright infringement is strongly becoming a global issue and legislators are at pains in passing new laws to catch and punish violators.

    top 7 websites to buy movies online


    In downloading films, therefore we must be extra careful and rely only on sites that provide free full length materials that can legally be obtained. Listed below are among the greatest and safest download websites. You can download full length movies legally from these websites.



    top 7 websites to buy movies online

    Amazon is a popular online store and marketplace that offers international movies through whole world. Amazon’s Video on Demand library has more than one million movie titles and releases movies on the same day they hit DVD and anything you buy on the Roku box can be accessed on your PC or Mac too. The latest amazon prime service if this company has created a new benchmark in online movie selling.

    Netflix Watch Instantly

    top 7 websites to buy movies online

    A movie rental site. You will need to create a membership in order to use the site. There are over 100,000 DVD titles to choose from and you will usually receive your movie within 1 business day. This is a movie rental website. Before accessing features like home delivery of DVD rentals, you must sign up to become a member. Becoming a member involves choosing one of four plans, which vary in price and number of DVDs available to rent at a time. The cheapest plan is $4.99 per month, which enables a limit of 2 DVDs per month with one DVD out at a time. The most expensive is $16.99, which enables you to have 3 DVDs out at a time, with the option to exchange them whenever you like. You can pay online using one of a number of methods, such as your credit card.


    top 7 websites to buy movies online

    This is one of the best platform to buy and watch movies online. Real videos is official website of Real player firm. There you can search your desired movie easily and either you can watch them online or you can buy them too. One of the best feature of Real videos is that they have a special column of new arrivals and Top Features of The Week.

    Popcorn flix

    top 7 websites to buy movies online

    PopcornFlix breaks from the usual movie download site mould to offer a different kind of service than we are used to. It doesn’t offer only new release feature movies but has a huge collection of classic movies that will appeal to film buffs and enthusiasts. Choose from thousands of titles and watch your favorite action, comedy, drama and horror movies streamed in Real Player or Windows Media Player formats. Watch hundreds of trailers and erotic movies right on your computer. The quality of the movies you watch from popcornFlix varies. Each movie usually has a broadband and narrowband option. On the plus side that means people with relatively slow connections can still enjoy streaming movies, but those with faster connections will be used to better quality.

    Film Fresh

    top 7 websites to buy movies online

    Film Fresh was started to give users the chance to see all the most brilliant films from all over world in one place. On this site you will find a great assortment of films that include some of the greatest movies you can imagine. In this way you will find American films, as well as independent and European movies. On this site you are going to find a wide range of modern films from each corner of the planet available for users in North America. Viewers are given the chance to discover new films, as well as to get in touch
    with other interested viewers having the chance to acquire different films that can be delivered to you home on DVD or digitally.


    top 7 websites to buy movies online

    This site is a leader internet provider of movies and video content. It legally offers downloads of over 4, 000 feature-length films, television programs and music concerts from over 250 licensors including 20th Century Fox, ABC news, Disney, MGM, Miramax, NBC Universal, Sony, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and others. Hollywood movies and popular TV shows are available on a download-to-own basis providing an unlimited viewing period on up to 3 devices. It also makes movies available on a pay-per-view basis providing consumers 24 hour window to watch the video. This site allows you to buy movies, rent movies and have access to all the services offered by CinemaNow.

    TV Muse

    top 7 websites to buy movies online

    This is one of the best movie site with over 35 million hours of video from sites like Google Video, YouTube, MySpace, MetaCafe, and more. All of this content is now available to viewers around the world with an unprecedented degree of flexibility and personalization. it has cemented its position as the premier destination for online TV. Today, TV muse is the world’s largest single index of rich media content on the Web, delivering more content from a broader range of sources than either Google or Yahoo! This huge source provides a series of movies in alphabaticle order. So, it makes easier for you to find any of your movie.

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