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    Top 7 Apple Gadgets of All Time

    A lot of people today want to immerse themselves in the world of technology and work using the high technology and latest gadgets. Apple has been instrumental in achieving these goals of consumers as it has helped tech lovers meeting their needs in the best possible way. Since the initiation of apple, the company has released some of the best apple gadgets of all time. You will really amaze to know about their capabilities.

    The Apple Company has always been pioneering modern electronics devices, thanks mainly to its late founder Steve Jobs who paved the way for the creation of many of today’s most unique and most patronized tech gadgets.
    Apple is a genius when it comes to innovative and user-friendly gadgets many of us use nowadays.  Although these apple gadgets of all time don’t last long as they keep upgrading, it cannot be denied that of them remain to be popular.

     apple gadgets of all time

    Top 7 Apple Gadgets of All Time

    iPhone apple gadgets of all time

    At launch of Apple’s iPhone, critics were unable to imagine the public’s response to this innovative product. The iPhone revolutionized the smartphone and set the trend among its close competitors. Other companies tried to copy the product but never matched its uniqueness. Apple was first to use the touchscreen technology in a smartphone. The first version was actually not very advanced as it did not support 3G, multitasking, Wi-Fi and many other functions. But former CEO Steve Jobs did not stop there but rather kept on improving the iPhone features. The iPhone 7+ has just arrived in the market, a sign that the manufacturer is not sitting on its laurels but wants consumers to enjoy advanced gadgets.

    iPad apple gadgets of all time

    This popular tablet has gained so many users worldwide, in the millions now, that it has overtaken the number of smartphone users. Who wouldn’t be enticed with this touchscreen and lightweight tablet that does the work of both a desktop computer and smartphone. In fact, the iPad today is now the top gaming mobile device used by gamers again, edging out the smartphone. Features of the iPad unmatched by the other tablets are excellent display resolution, no blur features, upgraded speed, better graphics, and enhanced camera image quality are worth features.

    iBook G3 apple gadgets of all time

    Apple’s iBook G3 boasts of improved configuration and memory as well as great applications like iMovie and Photoshop. Its high speed RAM and vast memory allow for doing different tasks such as file transfer and conversions.

    Users can benefit from its excellent display and long battery life. It is also very affordable.

    iPod Nano apple gadgets of all time

    The thinner and smarter iPod Nano has totally surprised its users. Its shiny and glossy look is really awesome. And although it does not have a web browser, still it comes with advanced features.

    Other features you will love are its large screen with excellent color adjustments that allow you to view images and videos in an impressive way. Its increased playback timings, memory enhancements and performance speed are also helpful for runners or hikers.

    Apple TV apple gadgets of all time

    Apple TV allows you to access your iTunes store in a convenient manner. It may not be very popular but its consistent updates can raise the level of this product soon. In fact, Apple has added many advanced and excellent features to this device. Apple TV’s simple user interface has taken it at the best apple gadgets of all time. You can stream your favorite TV shows and movies more conveniently. You can access several applications as well through Apple TV. It has a black box where the controls are situated but it also comes with a remote control.

    Macintosh apple gadgets of all time

    Apple Macintosh was the first desktop computer of this famous technology company. A tough device, it is still being used until now whether at home or in the office. It boasts of powerful graphical features, useful and necessary applications.

    iMac apple gadgets of all time

    Wide display screen, best performance and great screen resolution are attractive features of Apple’s Power iMac. Its graphic processors, fast speed and 27-inch display prove to be most helpful to digital media editors.

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