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    Top 5 WebP to PNG Converter (One Go Solution)

    WebP (Web Picture Format) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) are mainly considered for storing digital images.

    Webp is an image format developed by Google using advanced compression algorithms for providing optimal outcomes. It is specifically used around the web since it improves website loading speed significantly. While PNG is a lossless image format that mainly preserves all the original image data, thus it is the perfect choice for the images that require high quality and detail. 

    However, sometimes you need to export webp as png for certain concerns – for your convenience, we shortlisted top five webp to png converters that lets you make such conversions quickly. 

    Did You Know!

    Converting a .webp file to .png is pretty simple as there are different options available that reveal how to convert web pictures to png. The instant and experts choice way to convert webp images to PNGs is simply start with theonlineconverter.com that makes high quality conversion for free of cost.


    If you’re seeking for full-fledged web-based files conversion services that lets you make conversion between different formats, then Cloudconvert is the perfect option. Its webp converter is referred to as one of the best solutions for converting webp files to png format. You just have to make a couple of clicks to create a raster png file from the uploading Google webp file with this free assistance. Users need to follow these steps to change webp into png online:

    • Navigate to Cloudconvert and start with sign-up (if required)
    • Hit the given “Select Files” option and add the webp file that you want to transform
    • This is where you just need to choose “PNG” as the converted format from the given drop-down list
    • This webp file to png converter even allow you to process conversion according to different settings, proceed with it if essential
    • Click the Convert button to start the conversion process
    • Download your high quality converted png file right now


    Get this one go solution for converting webp images to PNG files for free. No matter how many webp Google files you want to convert, this handy webp file to png converter entertains you with high quality transformation. Even there you can get png to webp converter for saving png again as a webp file. In addition to that, this online web-dependent application offers innumerable online converters for video, audio, image, document, and more files conversion without any registration and installation. And, if you want to compress your converted or existing png files at a considerable file size, then this is indicated as an ultimate utility for you. Following steps assists you to turn webp into png within matter of seconds, let’s find the steps:

    • Launch webp to png converter by theonlineconverter and add webp files by drag and drop
    • Once uploaded, you can proceed on by making further settings (if required) or simply click on the Convert button
    • Finally download all of your newly converted PNG images for free by clicking on the given Download All button


    No matter at all whether you have animated Gif, video, or any other image files, this is indicated as the best conversion source to deal with all conversions. This converter comes with the perfect capability for converting webp to png while maintaining the original quality. Say goodbye to all those daunting processes of installation, just upload webp file to get your PNG file, let’s find what you need to do:

    • At first, open Ezgif online utility and press the Webp to PNG option from the given Image Tools section
    • Add your webp image file by considering the Choose File button and hit Upload. There are different options available at main interface to make some additional settings for conversions (optional)
    • Very next, there is Click to PNG button available, hit it
    • At last, click the Download button and Save your newly transformed PNG file into your computer storage


    Convertio is the professional choice online service that has served since decades regarding files conversion. This online utility is capable of saving webp as png image file format without compromising over the quality of the image file. It supports nearly all image file formats and even different other file types for the user convenience. Change Webp to PNG online by following these steps:

    • Open Convertio and add your webp file and choose the PNG format 
    • Then, navigate to additional settings or options (if required) or just hit the Convert button
    • Finally, Download your newly generated PNG format 


    Converting image, audio, video, document, and different other files conversion is relatively simple with this online web-based source. Get this webp to png converter right now and save one or more webp images as PNG files within a matter of seconds. The upside is that it supports conversion on all modern devices and OS (Operating Systems). Export WebP as PNG using Zamzar by following these steps:

    • Open Zamzar and hit the Convert tab
    • Click on the given Choose Files button for adding webp image or just drag and drop
    • Now choose PNG as the converted image format from the given list
    • Click on the Convert button and wait for a while to save the converted PNG file

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