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    Top 5 SEO Strategies For E-Commerce Websites in 2021

    In the last 15-20 years, the internet has been flooded with around 20 million e-commerce websites.

    As per a survey by Shopify review, it is said that more than 90% of all purchases are made from the internet through all these e-commerce websites. So, you may be understanding that the competition is a bit high. At this moment, Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategies for your e-commerce website has become one of the most crucial things that you can not ignore. 

    seo strategies for e commerce websites

    Here are the best 5 SEO strategies that you need to follow for your e-commerce websites.

    1. Use Efficient Keywords

    Keywords play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. With the right keyword, you will be able to rank your e-commerce website faster. So, it is clear that you need in-depth keyword research. You need to pick the right keyword that is the perfect suit for your activity. Along with the focus keyword, you also need to generate a bunch of long-tailed keywords for better results. 

    It is really important to get a high rank in your specific niche and stand out from the crowd of your competitors. LSI keywords or long-tailed keywords are really beneficial for attracting those audiences that you are targeting for. They are also efficient for boosting your conversion rate. 

    When you are searching those long-tailed keywords, think like a user. Most of the time, when users search for any product online, they end up providing conversational queries in teh search box, so make sure you are also creating keywords from the users’ point of view. 

    2. Optimize Your URL Particularly For Search Engine

    Another vital SEO strategy that you can not afford to ignore is that IURLs for e-commerce websites. These optimized URLs not only help those search engine bots to find your website but also helps to crawl through your website and find out what your site is all about. 

    Efficient URLs are also responsible for improving users’ experience by providing them an idea about your website as per the Amazon bounty program. A good user experience will help to keep the users on your website for a longer time. The longer the time will be, the better the chances will be to convert those users into your paying customer. 

    In case those customers like your products that they have purchased, they will return back to your website whenever they need any high-quality products. This way you will get a regular customer. 

    3. Design As A Shopper

    For e-commerce SEO strategies, you also need to focal on the design of your website in order to offer user-friendly access. In case your website visitors find it difficult to navigate from one page to the others and unable to search for the product that they are looking for, they will get frustrated. 

    And they will leave the site. It will be a loss of paying customers. Here, website design plays a vital role in order to make the visitors stay. In case the search engines detect a high bouncing rate on your e-commerce website and users leaving your site as soon as they are landing on the web pages. It will hamper your search engine ranking, and you will notice a fall in your search engine rankings. 

    So, it is important that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate so that users enjoy roaming through your e-commerce site just the way they like to hop from one shop to another in a shopping mall. 

    4. Optimize Your Product Image As Well

    The main thing that e-commerce websites are known for is the colorful images that have been used there and are aesthetically pleasing. These very images are one of those factors that trigger the sale. So, you have to make sure that all the images that your e-commerce website has are uniques, of high quality, and compelling. 

    Most of the e-commerce website owners are unaware of is that having great, appealing images is not enough in order to rank search engines. You also need to optimize them as well, just like you do for your product content. This will make sure that the search engine bots or crawlers can find them. 

    Only a few people know that the images also have SEO potentials, and you can use them. The competition is less here. Google image search also can drive hi=uge traffic to your website and make some sales. So, make sure that you are filling all the ALT tags and descriptions with your images.

    5. Go For Unique Product Descriptions

    While optimizing with SEO strategies, you can not forget what you actually want to do with all these. You are using the best and effective SEO strategies, investing your capital, time, and effort ultimately for selling some products. The users are also visiting your website in order to purchase the product they are searching for. 

    So, a unique and relatively detailed product description should always be one of your many priorities. When you are creating product descriptions for your products, do not forget that many other e-commerce sites also have the same product. Here you need to be a bit more careful with the content. 

    There should not be any copy issue. It will directly affect your search engine ranking. You also can write and post different blogs about the products that you are dealing with. Here you can use the advantages of backlinks by building some linking strategies. 

    seo strategies for e commerce websites

    Also Keep In Mind

    In order to make your e-commerce website perform better, you need to implement all the five mentioned SEO strategies. Along with them, you also should try to improve the loading speed of your e-commerce site, including product reviews, make your site more mobile-friendly for getting a better rank on the world’s number 1 search engine Google. 

    Mashum Mollah
    Mashum Mollah
    Mashum Mollah is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Mashum Mollah is associated with Search Engine Magazine & Social Media Magazine.

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