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    Top 5 free Microsoft Office Alternatives

    Microsoft Office has been the King over a long period of time for office applications, but a change has been noticed in the last few years, a lot of free alternatives for Microsoft Office have emerged off late. They can be accessed in any work-space having an internet connection. So, with these Microsoft Office Alternatives, you can access word documents, spreadsheets and presentations at ease without keeping your wallet in mind. Sometimes, the applications of MS office hangs while processing because they require more space as compare to other programs.

    There is no doubt that the components of office are great and you can do multiple tasks with them. But if you are tired of sticking with MS office since the school computer classes and now want to do something different then here is something interesting for you. In these Microsoft Office Alternatives, you will find many new features of integration that are not available in your current version. If you want to know more about these software then here is the list to watch out.

    Microsoft Office Alternatives

    Top Microsoft Office Alternatives

    1. Trulyoffice

    truly office

    TrulyOffice is a versatile office suite offering word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation capabilities. It features a user-friendly interface and compatibility with various document formats. Trulyoffice allows users to work seamlessly offline and online, making it a convenient option for individuals and businesses alike.

    These Microsoft Office alternatives offer a range of features and functionalities that cater to different user needs, making them valuable options for those seeking alternatives to traditional office suites.

    2. Google Docs

    Microsoft Office Alternatives

    Google Docs leads the list of open office software; there are strong reasons to support this fact. Firstly, it possesses all the applications Microsoft Office has – Word processor, spreadsheets, etc. and secondly, all of it is absolutely free. You can access all the documents online through the Google Drive and also share them with other people. Apart from all these features, you can also edit images and create forms using Google forms. Google Docs is highly compatible with Gmail and Google+. In a nutshell, Google Docs is a revolution in the world of Office Applications.

    3. Open Office

    Microsoft Office Alternatives

    11 years old in the market, Open Office is among the most popular and entrusted Microsoft office alternatives. The package contains word processing, spreadsheets, databases and much more. Open Office can be downloaded for free and the software is compatible with Microsoft Word Documents so you can easily read and save MS documents. Though this software doesn’t have as good collaborative features as Google chrome but has some irreplaceable features that keep getting upgraded.

    4. Libre Office

    Microsoft Office Alternatives

    The Working pattern of this software is closely similar to that of Open Office. The important difference between the two is that a lot of development has been a part of Libre Office recently. Libre Office presents a lot more advanced characteristics and features like Wiki Publisher; moreover the functioning of LibreOffice is easier and better. The Striking characteristic about this software is that you can install it in a Pen Drive and keep it in your pocket wherever you go.

    5. King soft Office

    Microsoft Office Alternatives

    This software is made in China and runs as Microsoft office alternatives on many compurter systems. It contains Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its features reflect an uncanny resemblance to Microsoft Office, though at times, it stands by itself with its variations. Its notable feature is the PDF converter; also it allows us to add watermarks to documents. The workability of this software is fast and its’ easy to use. The Mobile version of this software is also available on android mobiles.

    6. Zoho Docs

    Microsoft Office Alternatives

    5th on the list, Zoho Docs lingers around footmarks of Google docs. One of the packages of Zoho Docs as Microsoft office alternatives provides for 1 GB free storage online along with a word processor and measures for creating spreadsheets. The interface in Zoho docs is not user oriented as it promises to be. The plus about this software is its allowance to utilize 5 GB space.

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    1. Open office is truly a alternative of MS office, i have used it never felt much difference between, only one time download and life time use for free.


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