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    Top 5 Best Mobile Applications for 2017

    Mobile applications make our lives easier and create great experience with our mobile phones. Since most phones now allow us to browse the internet, catch the latest news or simply capture a great picture, we need mobile apps to enhance our phones’ functions. The latest mobile applications take a whole new level of functionality, creativity and excitement to our mobile experience. Developers offers some best mobile applications that are helpful in simplifying the daily complicated tasks of people.

    Every year, latest mobile applications come in market with latest ideas to attract customers. Some of them are very useful, while others are just copy paste of old concepts with new themes. Currently, mobile applications are in trend due to the extensive demand of smartphones in market. Almost all software that was previously available for PC is now accessible through mobile phones. With the help of these applications, you can easily send and receive every kind of file within a moment or store all of your valuable information in cloud space. Here is a list of some best mobile applications that you must consider to download in your PC:-

    Best Mobile Applications

    Top 5 Best Mobile Applications for 2017


    Best Mobile Applications
    A cloud-based application that helps you sync files from your mobile phone to your pc, tablet or laptop. You can create, manage and share folders in your devices through this top mobile app. No need to transfer your files from your mobile phone to your laptop or pc through USB cables.


    Best Mobile Applications
    Make a fun spin on your videos with this free mobile application! Dubsmash lets you choose a famous sound, can be a song, part of a speech or movie scene, record your video with it and save it in your mobile device. Send it to your family or friends or share it in Facebook just for laughs!

    Clean Master

    Best Mobile Applications
    Browsing through the internet, opening applications and saving files in your mobile phone can make it slow or susceptible to virus. Clean Master is a mobile app that optimizes boosts and protects your mobile phone from viruses. This is one of the best free mobile apps that you need to download to make your smartphone work smoothly. This mobile app has many features that will keep you assured that your phone is safe.


    Best Mobile Applications
    Are you a music lover? Spotify is another great mobile application that lets you download and music from its wide-ranging library. Whether it’s the latest hits or the classics, this application will find it for you. You can also customize your playlist that you can listen to even offline. This mobile application has a monthly fee of $9.99 but you may also use its ad-supported online radio for free.


    Best Mobile Applications
    Many smartphones have high resolution cameras that can snap a good selfie. But if your phone doesn’t have one, then Snapseed is a great mobile app for you. This mobile app allows you to edit your pictures even if you shot them with a low resolution camera. It features seven filters that can help you make pictures look like they were shot by a pro. And the best part for this app? This top mobile app is for free!

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