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    Top 5 Benefits of Advanced Platinum PEMF Device

    In the Platinum advanced model, multiple earth-based frequencies are offered to consumers to choose from, allowing users’ experiences to be more carefully tuned and their frequency needs to be changed over time.

    The Healthy Line Platinum model is ideal for anyone dealing with a variety of issues through PEMF therapy or anyone hoping to experience different degrees of intervention because different frequencies have various levels of support—lower frequencies for lesser needs, and higher frequencies for chronic issues.

    Health Benefits of Platinum Advanced PEMF Device

    Advanced Platinum PEMF device has a superior design and extensive list of health. The Healthy Line Platinum advanced uses Infrared light, negative ion, red light, and crystal therapy as extra elements incorporated into the body of the therapy mat, rather than just one type of healing technique.

    Here are the top 5 benefits of advanced platinum PEMF device in various therapies

    Red-light Therapy

    A form of therapy known for its capacity to give therapeutic, low-level light radiation is red light therapy. Numerous applications have been made use of it, from faster healing of wounds and bruises to use in skincare routines to help reduce acne. Red light therapy has also been called photon therapy and cold laser therapy because, while it does use light to aid in healing, it does not use high-level light, as might be found in UV light.

     Red light therapy and PEMF therapy are both said to be effective because of the low-level light radiation they emit. Red light treatment has a long history in the health and wellness community, but the majority of the attention has been on facial skincare and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Effect of Negation ion

    The advanced Platinum PEMF mat also employs negative ion treatment, enhancing its capacity to integrate a variety of therapeutic modalities. Crystals are used in negative ion treatment to create negative ions.

    Numerous health advantages of negative ions have been demonstrated, including enhanced immune response, reduced microbial growth, regular sleep patterns, and elevated mood.

    This is why negative ion therapy is included in the Platinum advanced PEMF mat: it has the power to help the body get rid of or neutralize free radicals, which can significantly improve health and overall performance.

    Crystal therapy

    Obsidian is a jet-black crystal that has been utilized as a tool to improve grounding and calm negative emotions. Making it into an accessory, such as a real black obsidian bracelet, to wear daily can enhance its effectiveness. Each kind of crystal emits a particular kind of infrared light, and each of these infrared light kinds has been touted as the “greatest” kind of crystal to employ for therapeutic purposes.

    The Platinum advanced PEMF device has every perfect healing crystal imaginable so that you can benefit from them all. Obsidian is a jet-black crystal that has been used as a tool to strengthen grounding and soothe negative emotions.

    It is also added to elevate mood, enhancing sensations of grounding, and absorbing negative energy from the body into the stone.

    Far-infrared therapy

    The far infrared (or FIR) therapy offered by the mat has repeatedly been connected to better health and longer life. Some research has connected FIR therapy to a reduction in cardiovascular disease or related issues, while other research has discovered a connection between FIR light use and overall longevity.

    FIR is a therapy that is becoming more and more popular, although it is most frequently used in a sauna environment. Many spas provide FIR saunas as an essential component of their health and wellness services. FIR has also been associated with reduced microbial formation and proliferation, which can further promote general health.

    Ideal wavelength and frequency

    The frequencies and wavelengths produced by the earth itself are included in a discussion of the optimal frequencies, intensities, and wavelengths for therapeutic usage. A frequency between 0 and 30 Hz is ideal for the human body and is also the one that is most frequently linked to the earth.

    The frequencies built into the Healthy Line Platinum advanced PEMF device is based on the earth’s 30-point Hz range, with some options going a little higher, to increase the possibility of healing without causing any negative side effects.

    To speed healing while retaining a close resemblance to the energetic signatures of nature, frequencies that are higher than the earth’s frequency do not go too far above the earth’s frequency.

    These are the various benefits of therapies provided by the platinum advanced PEMF device on human health. By using this PEMF therapy mat you can enjoy a healthy life and better well-being.

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