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    Top 5 Apps to keep your Android Device Safe

    In our previous article, we have discussed about best home launchers for Android, thanks to it’s openness and customization it offers and this is the main reason that Android is gaining a huge popularity day by day. But, with the increase of it’s popularity, the need of protecting Android Device Safe from the malware or thieves is also increasing. Malware comes from different sources to our phones and harms its functionality. No matter how secure and safe web browser you are using for your Android device, if you click on the wrong link on any web page then malware or viruses can enter into your smartphone. They can also come with the applications that you are install to keep your Android Device Safe . So you need to be careful while installing any app from internet or Google store.

    You should install antivirus apps on your smart phones to protect them from virus. Though one antivirus software do not work against all the sources of virus but it is advised that you should install only one antivirus on our phones.


     Android Device Safe

    Some points to be kept in mind to protect our android devices from viruses:

    1. Updates of the already installed app must be checked.

    2.Apps details must be checked like author name etc.

    3. Do not download something from unknown sources.

    4. Check the rating and reviews of apps before downloading from Google play store

    5. Apps reviews must be checked on web

    6.Permissions which an app wants must be checked before installing it.

    Here are some simple points to protect our phones from thieves and track them :

    1.  Antivirus security should be installed on your phone

    2. There should be a system to lock your phone so that only you can open it with password.

    3. IMEI number of your phone should be noted carefully. It helps in tracking.

    4.  Install software on your phone like location tracker and thief tracker etc.

    5. In the last you can do your mobile insurance so that u can claim it.

    Top 5 Apps to keep your Android Device Safe:-


    Android Device Safe

    · One of the best security app available in the android store.

    · It includes all the features to protect your phone against thieves and virus.

    · It can be of free type or premium.

    · You can remotely access your mobile with its help.

    · It also has the feature of scheduled scanning.

    · It also back up your contacts online so you can recover them.




    Android Device Safe

    · It is very popular security app and also available for Windows to keep the Android Device Safe and secure.

    · There is a feature of automatic scanning in it.

    · It has optimized user interface.

    · Well protection against viruses by scanning SD card.

    · It has web based security management for multi-protection.

    · It supports message blocking, safe browsing etc.

    · You can lock your phone and has antivirus features of scheduled scanning.



    Android Device Safe

    · It is the best and most popular and free antivirus used for Android Device Safe functioning. (You can also download it’s paid version for more features).

    · It provides protection against virus and any malware.

    · It has various features like app scanner and phone locator.

    · You can block unknown calls and messages using this app.

    · It has the anti theft option to locate the thief using google maps.

    · It works on mobiles as well as tablets.

    · It protects your privacy and identity.

    · It also keep sight of the battery life and informs us.




    Android Device Safe

    · It is a premium app so you have to pay for it.

    · You get 7 days trial before purchasing it to keep your Android Device Safe from potential threats.

    · It gives uninstall protection so no one can uninstall any app from your phone.

    · It closes the apps automatically not being used when battery is low;

    · It prevents the misuse of your phone by wiping your data.




    Android Device Safe

    · This antivirus is very popular out there that comes in 15 different languages.

    · It can scan all the apps and the installed software before installation.

    · It has a very easy user interface.

    · It gives us the detailed report of our mobile data usage.

    · It can scan URL’s by the use of web shield.

    · It provides security for rooted devices also.


    So, these are the top most security apps that can help you to keep your Android device safe and secure. Go and download them to protect your Android device as it is not just a smartphone but your care taker too that let’s you to stay fit, helps you to improve your financial life, and of course helps you to kill your boredom by providing you ever addicting games (and the list will go on). It is your perfect buddy and now it is your duty to keep it safe. If you want to check out the free full version anti-virus for your system also, then we will recommend you to check this article.



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