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    Top 4 High Speed ISP’s of 2015

    Being an internet user, you must choose your ISP (Internet Service Provider) very carefully. It is totally up to your ISP to make you disappointed or happy with the type of internet connection you have. Depending on your usage, you can either opt for an “unlimited plan” or a “plan with high-speed connectivity” but with limited usage allowance.

    To start up with the very basics – Fiber Optics, DSL and Broadband are some of the options to go for when you want to opt for a high-speed internet plan. Dial-up connection is the only choice left if you don’t want to go up with any of the above-mentioned options. If you have an active Cable TV connection, you can even ask your cable operator for internet services.

    Using a single network for both TV and  the Internet will make your task easier as you won’t have to contact two different companies if anything goes wrong. Moreover, using both cable TV and Internet connection of the same company will help you get some good discounts in your monthly bills as most operator offers discount in bundled packages.  Keeping everything in mind, we have decided to arrange the list of top 4 high-speed internet service providers of 2014.

    Top 4 High Speed Internet Service Providers


    How can we forget Comcast while talking about High Speed Internet? Comcast is one the few leading internet service providers who provide high-speed internet connection of up to 100 Mbps. The Extreme Plan from Comcast features downloading speed of 105 Mbps and uploading speed of 20 Mbps. The speed is sufficient for home users even if you use multiple devices simultaneously.

    Coming at the prices, Comcast has reasonable pricing for all their high-speed internet packages. Comcast even provides eye-catching deals for the first half of the year (year of subscribing). You can either opt for a stand-alone internet connection or go for a bundled package which includes Comcast TV and Telephone connection.


    AT&T is a highly trusted name when it comes to high-speed internet connections. AT&T offers both DSL and Fiber optic internet connections to more than 17 million subscribers in the United States. AT&T’s DSL connection speeds go up to 6 Mbps while U-verse fiber optics speeds go up to 20 Mbps. AT&T offers U-verse TV and the internet bundled package for as low as $19.95 per month with several other attractive options like – Home DVR and Reward Cards for its users.


    Mediacom offers somewhat faster internet speeds than Comcast. However, the upload speeds are slightly lower than what Comcast offers. The fastest internet package of Mediacom offers downloading speed of 105 Mbps. Coming to the pricing, Mediacom offers better internet packages at a cheaper rates. Mediacom should be your preferred choice if you are on a tight budget. Just like other ISP’s in the list, Mediacom too provides bundled packages for the internet, television and telephone services.


    One of the fastest internet provider in the United States. Verizon provides internet packages of up to 300 Mbps downloading speed on its FiOS internet plans. 300 Mbps is the fastest speed provided by any leading internet service provider in the United States. Verizon’s upload speed of up to 65 Mbps beats most ISP’s.

    Away from each other, Verizon offers four more internet packages with downloading speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 150 Mbps. However, keep in mind that those high-speed internet connections doesn’t come for cheap at all. Verizon should be your preferred choice only if you don’t mind spending some extra bucks for high-speed internet connection.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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