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    Top 3 Under-Hyped Web Browsers for Linux

    There are so many web browsers available out there but not every one of them gets the equal fame and name that they deserve. Only few of them have succeeded in winning the millions of hearts across the globe and all credit goes to their developers who make them powerful enough to provide countless useful features to their users. Most of us (in fact all of us) have already tried the famous cross platform web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera etc. But, there are also some best web browsers for Linux that provide same or sometimes more features than those famous web browsers and you might not have tried them due to a usual hesitation of switching yourself from a used to web browser to a different one.

    So, in this article we will discuss those Web browsers for Linux that deserve a bit more hype. Linux is a very secure operating system, that is why the internet browsing through this platform is also considered as safe and secure.  If you want to try something different for a change then these web browsers are worth trying out.

    browsers for linux

    Top 3 Under-Hyped Web Browsers for Linux

    1. SlimBoat

    browsers for linux

    We will start our list with the SlimBoat which is a highly versatile, extremely lightweight and exceptionally fast, cross-platform web browser for Linux that will make you it’s fan in no minute. The level of security it provides, makes it one of the powerful web browser for Linux. It offers almost all the major features that an ideal web browser should offer (even more than that!).


    1. Built-in download manager to speed up your download speed by up to 12 times
    2. Ad Blocker, Pop-up blocker and an excellent form filter
    3. Quick search and Site Group facility
    4. Option of downloading any YouTube Video in any format and restoring last session option included
    5. File Menu includes many excellent options like saving web page as PDF or a screenshot  or PDF, or even as a shortcut to your system
    6. Shows  current weather condition and weather forecast
    7. Integration with Facebook and other major web services
    8. Built-in text translator and ability to choose the default user agent

    Bottom line: SlimBoat let’s us to enjoy it’s those rare built-in and exceptionally good features that our favorite web browsers (chrome or Firefox) fail to provide us without add-ons and extensions.

    Requirements: Compatible Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Slackware, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, RHEL, mint etc.

    2. Midori

    browsers for linux

    Midori is among the free, lightweight and a super fast web browsers for Linux based on WebKit that will hardy consume any of your system resources and meanwhile provides you a smooth and a fast browsing experience that other browsers only dream of. It’s new versions improves the memory usage and comes up with the support of HTML5, whitelisting and blacklisting of local databases and web cookies, enriched graphical environment and many other tweaks.


     1. Highly customizable user interface and extensible via JavaScript
     2. Windows, tabs and session browsing
     3. Search markers panel and an OpenSearch based search box
     4. Uses WebKit rendering engine
    5. Custom context menu actions and bookmark management
    6. Easy-to-use and minimalist graphic design
    7. Fast Web browsing
    8. Default search engine is DuckDuckGo
    9. Ubuntu Unity, Internationalized domain names, and private browsing support

    Bottom Line: Midori is incredibly free Webkit  based web browser that is famous for it’s simplicity and high speed it offers.  It’s graphic design may remind you of Firefox. Midori is a great web browser worth checking out.

    Requirements: GTK+, Webkit, libXML2, libsoup 2.25.2, and sqlite.

    3. Dooble

    browsers for linux

    Yet another free but neat and clean web browser that mainly concentrates on providing a safe and easy web browsing with improved privacy and usability. It is from the list of cross platform web browsers for Linux that is compatible with all those OS that includes Qt. Clean labeling, powerful search engines, in-built download manager, integrated file manager and third party plugins, are it’s compelling advantages.


    1. FTP browser included
    2. History interface includes bookmark panel that possess basic functions like bookmarking, editing and searching
    3. Proxy Configuration and Session restoring option
    4. Encrypts Browsing information and distributed search engine
    5. Addons and plugins
    6. Bookmark and cookie management
    7. File manager and third-party content blocking

    Bottom Line: Dooble is among the excellent web browsers for linux that emphasis on secure web browsing along with the high speed. May be it is not as famous as other web browsers  but I truly like whatever it does, as it does that very well. If you really want to try out something different for a change, then Dooble will be the good pick for you. You may consider it in the category of those browsers for Linux which meets all the basic as well as advanced features required by users.

    Requirements: You need to install Qt compiler tools.

    So, these are some great web browsers that we feel get some more limelight and recognition that they really deserve. We have also shared some tips to make your Google Chrome faster and some cool ways to Setup Anonymous Web Browsing on Linux.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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