Nothing beats the social media fever. Ads/exposures are best popularized by top social media sites. A significant 92% of marketers said that social media was important to their businesses. To name who ranked top 3 as the Most Effective Social Network in 2015, based on social networks statistics are:

With more than 50 percent (52% to be exact) of marketers accounts them as the most influential social network. This is according to a recent report from Social Media Examiner. This data came from a survey of 3,720 marketers; 39% primarily target businesses (B2B) and 61% of the participants focus on attracting consumers (B2C).

As per Facebook’s, their earnings reports are targeted at stock and investment analysts, not consumers or marketers. Their one goal is to make the case that Facebook is managing their business better than predicted. Comparing social networking statistics, they grew by 58% versus 2014.
Their strengths dwells on newly established Facebook mobile only usage and facebook videos.
Results of the recent survey of the top social networking statistics shows that video is becoming to be important. A significant 57% of marketers use video in their marketing; however, 72% want to learn more about video marketing and plan on increasing their use of video.

Second in the ranking as one of the top social network of this year, is believed to be the most important network who grows and market their business.

This 2015, Linkedln will be banking on their Global Recruiting Trends. What every talents acquisition leader should know using 3 trends namely: talent brand, sourcing and industry overview.

Ranking third, this social media network just launched their ‘new trends experience’on mobile and web. Certain users will now see additional context with their trends: a short description and at times an accompanying image. In particular, they introduced an online news clustering service that detects and groups breaking news on Twitter.
Lastly, amongst the B2B Marketers, Linkedln took the top spot where 41% say it is the most important network, eventhough Facebook was considered the most important social network overall( only 30% picked Facebook). Who will be the next top 3 social media sites for 2016? Who is your bet?


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