Android has transformed the mobile world, with dozens of well designed applications that have helped users throughout the world in doing a variety of tasks related both to everyday life and generic situations like finding anything using GPS apps. While we have already discussed how you can turn your Android into a credit card reader in a previous article, today we’ll talk about some of the Android apps that can improve your financial life and spruce up your finances as well.
When I bought a smartphone a few months back, the first thing I did, was to start looking for some quality applications to get a better grip on my life in general. I also found some weird apps that I really hesitate to buy. Since my finances were in quite a bad shape and I was pretty annoyed about it, I decided to try out some Android apps that can improve your financial life with their logical algorithm. In the process I ended up spending quite a lot of time and tested out nearly all such apps on my smartphone, just to find out the best of them all that are really worth installing. So let me share my experience with you and give you insights into the top three apps for improving your finances.

Android Apps That Can Improve Your Financial Life

Top 3 Android Apps That Can Improve Your Financial Life

1. Money Lover

Android Apps That Can Improve Your Financial Life

One of the best Android apps that can improve your financial life, Money Lover has been downloaded by millions of users around the world and it has been rated very highly due to its simplicity and ease of use. Money lover lets you manage your personal finances without any difficulty and lets you help budget to prevent overspending, thereby reducing your monthly expenses.

You can also add other financial details like income from different sources in various categories and also jotting down your expenses. Not only that, Money Lover also alerts you about your debts and allows you to add customized categories for both income and expenses. The best part is that it is completely free of charge and has amazing graphics that add spice to the user interface, making it visually appealing.

2. Expense Manager

Android Apps That Can Improve Your Financial Life

Another very popular budgeting app that lets you handle your day to day finances quite effectively and comes with a plethora of features to efficiently manage your finances. You can track your expenses by week, month and year categorically and also schedule payments.

Not only that, you can also set payment alerts to help remind you about the various pending payments that have to be made by you, thereby ensuring that you don’t forget to pay your bills. It also displays a variety of charts and comes with many widgets that graphically display your income and expenses. Highly recommended though the user interface is quite simple and does not have that appealing graphics. There’s also a paid version that comes with a few extra features but I don’t think you would require it since the free version is more than sufficient.

3. Andro Money

Android Apps That Can Improve Your Financial Life

This is the application that I have fallen in love with over the last few months. Personally I prefer to use Andro Money as the main application on my smartphone to track my finances since it has stunning graphics and a variety of features including custom budgets, multiple accounts, custom currency, password protection and lots more.

You can also back up your data to Microsoft Excel and Mac Number with these Android apps that can improve your financial life. What I mainly liked about Andro Money is the number of charts it has for income and expenses, including Trend, Pie and Bar charts. The best part is that it is very small in size and is available for free on Google play.


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