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    Top 18 Best Free Online Conference Call Services

    Looking for the Best Free Online Conference Call Services?

    Online conference calls aren’t just for large corporations anymore. Video call conferencing enable communication between just a few people to literally thousands.

    Currently, there is a whole host of extremely capable and polished VoIP applications available offering free calls, PC to PC calls, very cheap calls from PC to landlines and cell phones.

    Here is the list of application/software that enables you to make free online conference call services anywhere in the world.

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    Top 18 Best Free Online Conference Call Services:

    1. Skype

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    Skype is a best and most popular software that enables you to make free conference calls anywhere in the world. Skype is a free VOIP (voice over IP – which means you talk through the internet). You can easily join Skype, download their software onto your computer, and invite others to join.  Skype also provides low-cost unlimited calling plans to land-lines and cell phones around the world. Now you can add up-to 10 person in a video conference that’s is really a plus point .

    2. ConferenceCalling

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    You can expect a fast, easy and unlimited conferencing calls experience from conferencecalling. There is no issue of reservation of calls while using conference call services and they also provides a unique number for each of the user separately. The professional level customer care service of this company is ready to assist you anytime through call. The screen sharing feature if this service is crystal clear and high definition. You can choose pay per call service as 2 cents per minute or can opt out unlimited monthly plans also.

    3. Conference calls

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    By signing up to conference calls service, the world will come at your finger tips instantly. You can experience excellent call quality which is echo free and crystal clear. It contains many advanced tools to utilize group dialing and in call touch command type features. Conference calls has separate plans for small businesses as well as big enterprises also. You can use its free trial of 30 days and experience the difference of your online conference calling.

    4. ClickMeeting

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    It is a fully business oriented conference call service that includes lots of professional features. The presentation tool allows you to create graphical representations of data and facts that are needed to be displayed. It is useful in all types of business and educational activities such as sales, marketing, enterprise and training. You can use the mobile app of click meeting in you iOS and Android based smart phone to use its services. The highly integrating features of this online conference call service lets you to connect it with major social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook, Dropbox or Linkedin etc.

    5. eVoice

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    eVoice is made for the requirement of everyone who use internet and searches for online conference call services. It doesn’t matter that you are an individual or company. It is an ideal platform for single professional to chat as a freelancer, small business with 25 employees and live receptions. You can test it as a 30 days free trial and after that company charges as per monthly rental plan. The eVoice mobile app enables you to use it on your smart phone also.

    6. InterCall

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    With InterCall solutions; feel free to start simple, secure and effective conferencing from anywhere. It contains enterprise level features for every size of businesses from small to large level. The company provides unified meetings for video conferencing and conference calls for audio purpose only. It is trusted by 85 out of 100 fortune companies so you can trust on its reliability and security. As an additional feature, adobe connect feature is also added for high definition multimedia sharing.

    7. Anymeeting

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    Anymeeting is a way to easily broadcast your messages, videos or audio calls within a group of people. It is perfect for any size of participants from 30 to 1000 people at a time. The online meetings option of anymeeting provides web conferencing, conference calling and screen share services to beneficiate the users. It is an affordable service which comes with 4 different payment plans starting from 16.99 Euros. You can use it for every kind of business meetings and training sessions.

    8. GoToMeeting

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    Why to go out for meeting if you can use GoToMeeting on your computer or mobile screen. Just login to the website and start your business meetings right now. Basically, it is built for professional meetings with clients of worldwide. The company is providing it for free as a 7 days trial after that you have to purchase it by paying various monthly or annual billings. It enables the user to join a meeting or host a meeting by selecting any of the option available on upper right corner of website page.

    9. Free conference calling

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    To organize any free conference call between professionals or friend circle, simply switch to website. It contains many user friendly features that you use in telephonic calling such as mute, lock, pause or play etc. the website provides a dedicated dial in number which can be used for all conference calls.  The company provides a reliable call connection with good audio and visual quality for uninterrupted meetings.

    10. Freeconferencecall

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    It provides us a free conference call services with lots of premium level features. Up to 1000 participants can interact together with the help of this video calling service. currently they are providing services more than 61 countries and the number is increasing along with time. You can customize your profile with selfies, headshot logos and many more media files as you want. For large meetings, educational or business purpose, it is helpful in every kind of situation.

    11.  Paltalk

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    If you are searching for a flexible conference call services method then try paltalk at once. Due to its highly integration capability, you can use it on all popular operating systems such as android, PC, IOS and OSX. It is not just a conferencing platform, but you can also browse over 5000 active chat rooms to meet new people every day.

    12. Tokbox

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    Tokbox is providing communication facilities of Online conference calls with the help of audio, video and video features. It is compatible with all PC and mobile devices so feel free to use it on any device. Due to its high scalability you can use it for both personal use and business use. Both embedded communication and interactive broadcast services are available in tokbox. To use the professional level services of tokbox, you have to subscribe for its monthly plan.


    top 14 best free online conference call services

    An ideal conference call service is capable of providing you lots of features regarding video and audio calling. Features such as to train a team, design an architect graph with team or to talk with a group of friends etc has made a great platform to interact. It gives you the options of both join a meeting and hosting it as a boss. Due to its high integration capability, is compatible with outlook, MS office and Google chrome.

    14. Fuze Meetingconference call services

    It offers online conference call or meetings in HD, login and upload your content in order to start a meeting. This conference call service has a great video tool that can display a variety of video file types including HD video. Video can be forwarded and backed up, you can also zoom in and add text, arrows, shapes and notes to the video. This service can display FLV, MOV, WMV and MP4 type video files.

    15. Easy Conference

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    With easyconfrence, you can make simple and direct conference calls without indulging in any complicated process. It has a online planning tool that enables you to invite all participants directly by email. The company charges 15 euro cents per minute to provide you an uninterrupted service. This feature saves you from spending an annual or monthly fee like other websites.

    16. Totally Free Conference

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    Totally Free conference call service has no contracts, Free Replay lines and Recording allow you to be heard from anywhere. Free trial offer -with web conferencing, participants will now be able to hear and see your presentation without anyone having to leave their office! Totally free conference call service has been giving away Free Conference Calls for over 5 years.

    17. Uber Conference

    top 14 best free online conference call services

    Uber is not just a global cab service provider but also a online conference services provider through the entire world. It is also providing mobile applications for using the service on your smart phone. It is a perfect business solution because along with conferencing, you can also share the statistics of business report by its sharing screen option. Uber is providing a high definition audio quality that even not possible on your normal phone calls. It is also integrated with social platforms of linked in and Google plus.

    18. Zoom

    conference call services

    Zoom Meetings for desktop and mobile provides the tools to make every meeting a great one.

    • Focus on your meeting – click record to leave the note taking to Zoom’s auto-generated, searchable transcripts
    • Share and play videos with full audio and video transmit without uploading the content
    • Look meeting-ready with Virtual Backgrounds and Touch Up My Appearance
    • Host up to 100 participants
    • Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings
    • 40 mins limit on group meetings
    • Unlimited number of meetings
    • Online support
    • Video Conferencing Features

    19. Mitel 6970 

    The Mitel 6970 IP Conference Phone is designed to make meetings easier and more efficient. A large 7-inch color touch screen provides an intuitive user interface for quick navigation to essential meeting information and functions.

    A tight integration with Mitel platforms, applications, call managers delivers a unique conference experience that will not be found with 3rd party devices. Built-in Bluetooth 4.1 and MobileLink grant you the ability to seamlessly pair with Bluetooth enabled audio devices and expand the capabilities of your mobile phone.

    These are the best free online conference call services to choose from. Do let us know that which online conference call services are more comfortable for you to host your online meetings.

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    1. Thanks for the advice! As Laurence mentioned, most of these still require our delegates to dial-in to premium rate numbers.

      We decided to go with Meetupcall ( Whilst we do have to pay a monthly subscription, our delegates get access to hundreds of local numbers in their countries, meaning they don’t have to pay anything and we just pay a small monthly fee for the service.

    2. Most of these still require you to dial a premium rate number. It takes it away from being a free service and into the realms of a hidden cost service which you are only going to know the true cost once your phone bill has arrived. With free local dial-in numbers and free access to the meeting host and guests (up to 255) Drum is truly free for you and your guests to enjoy limitless meetings. Get into a meeting now with out browser-based solution.

    3. Thanks for the review… Just a note on the experience I have had with GoToMeeting in the past year using it every day:
      1- They are terrible in support and keeping the application up to date. There are way too many versions available for download and many of them are not compatible with one and other.
      2- The meeting recording feature works 50% of the time. The recording feature looses the files and after talking to their support they realized they have too many bugs and just could not find a solution.
      3- The application hangs too often and is not ready for prime time.

    4. You have done great study on Conference call services. Your post was full of good information and very helpful too. All the services that you mention was very good. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    5. Thanks for this blog. Before reading this blog I was never know about so many services for Conference call but when I have read this article this information was very useful. Currently I was using Skype for Conference calls and also I will try other service in future as well.

    6. Thanks for sharing some of the best resource which provide free services and users can avail the offer for a month or 15 days time period to judge the services and pick the applications accordingly for betterment of business….

    7. Without a doubt this can be excellent solutions. in addition to good content.
      Thanks an individual greatly in addition to maintain giving information; in addition to I most certainly will absolutely bookmark in this web site.

    8. Thanks for the list! I’ve tried Skype and Gotomeeting before, and liked them both. I did want to add Kuvicall, though. Thus far, it is my favorite service, because it uses your phone connection rather than Wifi, so I haven’t had to worry about dropped calls. They have a free trial on their website to test it out! It isn’t totally free, but the price is very affordable!

    9. i’ve always used If you email them you can get a free video conference room along with classroom account if you teach classes.

    10. i have a Samsung R451 C mobile phone.  Straight talk disabled javascript.  my unlimited calling and data plan doesn’t allow an email acct, access to sites such as, etc.  is there a way to get a plan with Skype or any other VOIP company that i can access the web and avoid these rip-off providers (straight talk is one of many i’ve been thru) and pay the subscription fees for the unlimited calling and data plan?  i’m open to purchasing a Skype phone or any other VOIP phone.  i’ve had Skype on my computer about 8 years.  does Skype allow access to media players, youtube, downloading songs, etc? 

      i’m just sick of the providers that even cut my daughter’s phone off due to “over-usage” on an unlimited plan.  i’m aware of Skype’s unlimited usage plan, i’m willing to go with any VOIP company and purchase their phones if i can get the unlimited calling and the features i need. 

      could i transfer my own PC’s  VOIP to a mobile phone and use it that way or would i still have to indulge a provider that is costly and unpredictable?

    11. Just try web service which has no registration and no software installation web based service. You can call and talk many hours free of charge. And if you register(which is veeery easy) then you will get conference call options and video recording!

    12. Hi, Do you have any experience with Vyew and how it compares to your 14 products above? Thanks, Cam

    13. Thank YHWH for folks like David!!! May–YHWH have mercy upon US –raising up the Life of our next generation!

      Gooooooooooo DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!


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