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    Top 11 iPhone Apps for Your Online business

    Apple products are one of the leading electronic gadgets which provide excellent performance and quality. You will find an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad in the hands of every other person these days. Apple always keeps on putting it’s efforts to be on the top and using its own technology for Siri in its upcoming iPhone 5 and developing an app to diagnose skin problems are the example of it. Not only the Apple products have become a super hit among youth, the Apple Apps store too has become a favorite of people running online businesses. There are many iPhone apps for your online business that will be helpful in increasing the trade efficiency.

    Though there are a lot of iPhone apps available, including apps for mobile and remote accessing, for 3G, 3Gs and 4 and those which are really helpful for designers and web developers. But in this article, we are covering those amazing variety and quantity of iPhone apps for your online business that can make life quite easy for businessmen. Here is a look at the top ten iPhone apps that are being appreciated by online entrepreneurs all around the world.

    iphone apps for your online business

    Top 11 iPhone Apps for Your Online business

    1. Dropbox iPhone App

    iphone apps for your online business

    Dropbox is one of the free cloud syncing services that allows users to save any file or document whether it is a video, audio or text file on all of their platforms. With Dropbox, you can create backups of all of your data and photos and can view them whenever you need. Well, know it’s another alternative Cubby has come to give it strong competition.

    2. Skype

    iphone apps for your online business

    Skype is a world-renowned service that helps users to voice and video chat with their relatives and friends living abroad. Not only this, you can also record the calls using skype. The mobile app of Skype available for the iPhone from the Apple App store brings Skype to your mobile phones making it easier to make contact with clients.

    3. Office online

    iphone apps for your online business

    Office online is a Microsoft application that is specially designed for IOS based apple mobile phones. Through this app, the user can easily view, edit and create documents without the help of any PC. It is also integrated with cloud services, so in case, if you want to open cloud files then this amazing application will be there for you to help. This is among the iPhone apps for your online business that enables you to share your edited new document through emailing an attachment or hyperlink.

    4. Mint

    iphone apps for your online business

    Mint is a very useful Apple app that provides users the chance to manage their finances in a simple and easy manner. With Mint, you will have power over all your money and you would be able to view all your credit card information, investments, and savings.

    5. Fuze Meeting

    iphone apps for your online business

    Fuze Meeting is a very productive business app for iPhone users that can help business personnel in communicating with each other. The excellent communication tools that Fuze Meeting provides makes doing business a lot easier.

    6. Quick Sale

    iphone apps for your online business

    Quick sale is another business application produced by the Apple app store that is designed especially for businessmen. This app can help you in creating email invoices and sending them to your clients online very quickly.

    7. Spending Expense Tracker

    iphone apps for your online business

    Spending Expense Tracker is a finance related app that helps users in monitoring their spending. This app will let you see your past and recent transactions and will provide notifications for your future expenditures too.

    8. TripIt

    iphone apps for your online business

    TripIt is an Apple app that is designed for business personnel so that they can easily manage their trips. It provides users the chance to have their travel plans and email confirmations all in one place so that they do not have to worry about anything while they are on the road. With TripIt, you can even share your travel plans with your workers as well.

    9. Online PayRoll

    iphone apps for your online business

    Online PayRoll is a useful app designed for creating paychecks and payrolls for employees. If you are running a business and need to create monthly paychecks for your contractors and workers then this app is going to be a life saver for you.

    10. Things

    iphone apps for your online business

    Things is a to-do list manager app produced by Apple for its iPhone users. This is an amazing app that lets users manage his tasks in an efficient manner. This app has a very unique and superb interface and is extremely easy to use. Simplicity is perhaps the best feature of this app.

    11. Binary options trading

    iphone apps for your online business

    If you are involved in online trading business, this is one of the great applications which can help you to a great extent. Especially if you are involved in binary options trading, then you must consider using of this app. Its user-friendly interface and ease of use make it different from other trading apps available for trading.

    All of these apps are great for online business owners so that they can easily conduct their business and improve their efficiency from anywhere right from their iPhone. So try using these apps in your iphone right now and feel the difference!

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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