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    Top 10 Reasons to upgrade to Windows 8

    Windows 8 is expected to release on 26th October, and so it is important to understand the features it offers to its users. Just like any other Windows product, it is expected that Windows 8 is packed with multiple features and  windows 8 apps. The new version is packed with attractive start up screen and advanced control panel. In fact, it’s start up screen is so attractive that users make their browser’s like Mozilla Firefox’s home page to look like it.  For users, Windows 8 is available in four different editions – Windows 8, Windows Pro, Windows RT and Windows 8 Enterprise. Each version offers users with exclusive features. Some of the most important features ofWindows 8 are discussed here in this article and why you should upgrade to this edition.

    Upgrade to Windows 8

    1. File System

    The earlier versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 used NTFS file system. Microsoft used the NTFS system in all its initial versions. With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft promises a much better and more advanced file system. Windows 8 makes use of RFS (resilient file system) that has been introduced by the developers for the very first time. One main advantage of this system is that it can easily be compatible with all other versions of Windows.

    2. Better user Interface

    Most people who use computers are always looking around for better options and variety. Windows 8 is fully packed with unique start screen that is very much fascinating. The interface is user friendly, interactive and colorful. You can also change Windows 8 start menu background colors by using simple steps. The latest changes were already disclosed by Microsoft long back, even before its release. Most features of the start up menu are unlocked the moment you click the start button which is very much different as compared to traditional interface provided by Microsoft in its earlier versions.

    3. The apps with Windows 8

    Windows 8 makes use of multiple apps that are supplemented on the user’s desk top. This is something that was not available for users in any other earlier versions of Windows. For most users who like to work for long hours on their laptops, this feature is very much convenient. You have the convenience of using sports and travel apps from the main screen. As the Windows 8 apps are developed by Java and HTML so they are very much entertaining for users and easy to use.

    4. User friendly layout and design

    Windows 8 offers users with much transformed looks as compared to initial editions. The moment you switch to Windows 8 you are able to make use of apps that and gadgets that are compatible with other operating systems. The new version of Windows certainly is designed for multiple gadgets and devices like laptops, desktops, mobile gadgets, note books and tablets. ARM based tablets can make use of other Windows 8 editions like pro and RT. This change is something new that is seen for the first time in Windows.

    5. Quality Hardware & Support

    This is the area that is of concerns for most users. The fact is that with latest upgrades you can expect best improvements and additional features. Latest developments in Windows 8 offer users with quality support. The hardware is also of much better quality and can be trusted for its performance. Here you need to keep in mind that with the new Windows 8, developers have simply not upgraded, but have managed to remodel the operating system for better performance.

    6. Cloud Feature

    Windows 8 very well synchronizes with Cloud. This is one of the features that make any data easily available for users on multiple platforms. So if you are tech savvy then it is certain that you are aware of this feature. You should checkout free online cloud storage services that are available for you.

    7. Social Media Networking

    In present time, more number of people are making use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The fact is that in present time, most people hardly find time for their friends and so they prefer linking to these sites to get in contact with outside world. Windows 8 has been perfectly integrated with these social networking sites for users. This is one of the features that also allow users to get connected to multiple sites and web pages.

    8. The game factor

    Many people like enjoying games on their gadgets. As the gaming industry upgrades new games for users so Windows 8 offers users with Xbox platform to enjoy online games. On regular basis, new games are added for users to enjoy. Windows 8 offers users with professional and entertaining services. This feature is one of the main reasons why more number of users prefers switching to Windows 8.

    9. Security factor

    Windows 8 offers users with metro apps. The new software offers users with best security to help them protect their systems. One of the most important point is that additional plug-ins are not supported by the operating system making it very much safe, even when browsing online. Though there are many online security tips that help you to stay protected online but if you are using Windows 8  then you just don’t have to worry about malware being installed on your system.

    10. Touch screen optimized apps

    Not many operating systems provide with touch screen facility for laptops and desktops. Windows 8 offers users with this fascinating feature. Windows 8 offers users with this app as default setting. This makes the new system multi-tasking and unique. It also offers users to have multiple apps and options on the screen. Apart from this, users also have the flexibility of controlling most apps from the screen display. This means that users always have multiple options to select from. It is now possible for you to make the selection of inbox messages and other features from the screen display including temperature setting. This feature makes Windows 8 very much unique and outstanding.

    Final verdict

    Windows 8 does offer users with powerful features and elegant looks. Developers have ensured that the latest improvements are outstanding. Each features of the operating system have been tested in real time before being released for users. Some of the features offer users with unlimited benefits and convenience. The operating system is certified and ready to be released for your lap tops, desk tops and tablets. The new system is also easily available for users in leading retail outlets. Before switching to new Windows 8 you can read a lot more about its features online and some guides that can help you to get started like running a program as administrator , enabling Hyper V-manager in windows 8 etc.

    If you want to install windows 8 on a Virtual machine then you can take a look at here.
    This guest post is by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is currently associated with Itransition a Texas based software design company. To get in touch with him follow him on Twitter @DebarshiGD

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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