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    15 Tools to make the most of your business writing

    Coherent business writing requires a lot of practise and devotion.

    Business writing in particular is not only a way to share your ideas and thoughts but a way to place your business as a formidable force.

    It therefore requires the material to be in a manner that suggests you are organised and well structured to offer services. Even so, finding time to write business articles and essays is a daunting thing to many business owners. Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenge. The internet presents you with these online tools to make your business writing so much easier and more efficient.

    business writing

    As mentioned above, any business writing should be organised and well structured. Organizing what you are going to write is of the utmost importance. is one of the few online platforms that is designed to help you brainstorm for ideas before writing using their tools. The idea management tools offered are impeccable and you only need to sign up for free to enjoy these services.

    Business writing and content writing on the whole is an uphill task for many people. However, makes business writing so much easier by the use of modern tools like Scrivener, that guides you step by step on how to write any document. It is a time saving platform and is regarded highly by specialists and customers alike.

    Diff Checker

    Diff checker is a useful tool in determining whether your business writing is closely related to the original source. It is helpful in eliminating any chances of plagiarism which is costly to any business.

    Dragon Dictation

    business writing

    Technology has a way of accommodating everyone. For this case, Dragon Dictation is a tool that helps you save time. It is compatible to mobile devices thus making it easier for you to create your business content anywhere. The only thing you have to do is to talk and the tool will translate your voice to words. This is an amazing app that helps to save time in the business world.


    This platform helps a writer develop continuously in the business writing world. The tools included in Stoodle are designed to help a writer continuously learn and improve on his/her writing skills through continuous communication with other writers and professionals. Furthermore, it is a perfect place to have your content written by a professional content writer at a less cost.

    The story starter

    It’s always the norm that business documents and letters are supposed to be written in a formal and official manner. This means informal writing is not allowed. However, it is not good to be too stiff. This stool enables you to evoke your inner creativity and eliminate any chances of sounding so tough.

    From time to time, professional business writers need help in making sure that their content is free from grammatical errors and spelling errors. is a platform that provides the writer with myriads of editing tools like grammar and spelling checker, plagiarism checker and eliminating clichés as well.

    Writer’s digest

    Writer’s digest has vast resources that you can use to enhance your writing and get published. It also includes interactive features such as community forums, blogs and others to provide you with the latest ways of writing a business document and how to market it.

    Mail mentor

    Mail mentor is a site that is aimed at making sure that all your business letters are written in the correct manner. This tool checks whether your business writing format is correct, the letter is concise and that it will get the attention of the reader.

    More often people find little time to write business material. Also, due to the difficult nature of writing business content, people often shy away from writing them. provides such people with an opportunity to express their thoughts on paper. With the service of a professional, you will have your customized content written for you the way you wanted at a very friendly price.

    Convert Case

    It is of the utmost importance that you format all your business documents correctly. This includes inserting numbers, the correct fonts and ensuring all characters are properly placed. Convert Case is the perfect tool for this. You will only need to copy paste your document on to this tool and it will do all the formatting for you.


    It’s common for entrepreneurs to send a similar message to the customers who are often hundreds or thousands. Gorgias is an online tool that helps you generate flawless templates for any messaging network like Gmail and Yahoo. That way, you will only need to write one message and replicate it to all your customers using Gorgias. A tool that makes business writing so much easier and less repetitive.

    Byword 2

    This is the perfect tool for people in the business world who are constantly texting using iPhone or Ipad. It enables you to write efficiently and clearly before sending your messages. Furthermore, Byword 2 syncs all your texts across all devices using iCloud and DropBox.

    Juicy Studio

    Often business writers post their content on the internet before seeing if the content is understandable. This has proven to have dire consequences for many business entities. To help solve this problem, juicy studio has been created using the most powerful reading algorithms like Flesch Reading ease and Gunning fog. By pasting your content on the tools provided, you get a taste of how your content is going to be received, by giving you a possible search engine rank.

    Dark Room

    In order to produce quality content, it is important to write in an environment free from any distractions like buttons. Dark room is designed to offer you such an environment for quality business writing. It is built to be free of buttons and adverts that can distract you from focusing on the content you are writing.

    [author title=”About the Author:” image=”″]Amy Cowen is a content marketing expert who uses technology to its fullest, always trying to improve the productivity of her team of writers at Aussiesay with the help of different tools and apps.[/author]

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