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    To Take Off for Some Aerial Thrills, ‘Flight’ Elevates Paper Airplanes to a Whole New Level

    Patience, diligence, and a passing knowledge of schoolyard aeronautics is the basic requirement for building a perfect paper airplane. However it is very easy to  get  your winged creation from one side of the playground to the other; but getting it across the continents requires a little more horsepower and some more knowledge. In order to make transcontinental journey,  ‘Flight’ puts you in control of a paper airplane but it requires some serious modification for doing the same.

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    Play Flight Online
    Each flight will come up with more crash for you with which purchasing these upgrades and  limited control mechanisms  will help you in order to keep your plane float for a comparatively longer time. Isn’t soaring through the air an idle affair? Still, a number of boosts and money upgrades are littered throughout the sky, which will allow you to eventually make flights so much remarkably lengthy and high up to such a peak  that they would make the Wright Brothers green with envy. You’ll thumb your nose at Newton, and defy gravity with paper airplanes.

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