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    To Stop Piracy, 5 Movie Studios sue File Sharing service -"Hotfile"

    Hotfile Movie studios are now suing a website that provides file sharing service “Hotfile”. It seems like movie studios are bringing down the heat on file-sharing services , one at a  time, all over the internet. According to documents filed with the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida Miami Division, Five Hollywood studios including  Disney Enterprises Inc, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp, Universal City Studios Productions, Columbia Pictures Industries and Warner Bros Entertainment Inc on Tuesday filed suit against Hotfile Corp and Hotfile manager Anton Titov. The Motion Picture Association of America Inc said -“Hotfile profits from this theft by charging a monthly fee to users who download content from its servers. Hotfile also operates an incentive scheme that rewards users for uploading the most popular files — which are almost exclusively copyrighted works. Hotfile profits richly while paying nothing to the studios for their stolen content.”
    According to Movies studios, Panamanian Hotfile actively encourages users to upload and disseminate copyrighted content, and pays them to do so. They say that Hotfile has profited from the arrangement. Hotfile does have an Intellectual Property disclaimer on their website that is supposedly fully compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  Hotfile has become one of the most heavily-trafficked sites on the Internet in less than two years of operation and according to the filing, the movie studios are seeking damages and injunctive relief. But at the same time, it looks like that isn’t going to save its skin. It is true that we’ll be seeing Hotfile close down pretty soon, but another file-sharing services will probably rise up to take its place by replacing it. Let’s see what is going to be happened.

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