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    10 Time-Saving Tools For Content Writers

    content writing

    Content writing is a profession that you can adapt to work from anywhere.

    We recommend you should first consider the reviews we have provided for these 10 time-saving tools for Content Writers before you waste your precious time. There is no need to go to your  office regularly, just sit in your home and provide services to clients. As being a freelancer, a person can get work from various clients throughout the world. But content writing is not as easy as you think about. It takes many technical skills to become a perfect content writer. Currently, many tools for content writers are available on internet to check the quality of their articles. Some of them are free while others are available on paid basis.

    Writing takes a huge amount of focus, strategy, time management, and creativity. Maybe you were born with these qualities. Maybe you have a few and not the others. And maybe you have absolutely none of them. Regardless of your abilities, these ten awesome tools for content writers will help you along the way.

    Recently we discovered an additional online writing application worth checking out called Milanote – this app is for creative writing and can organise your research ideas, characters and outline in one place.

    10 + 1 Time-Saving Tools For Content Writers

    1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

    Tool For Content Writers

    If you run a blog, you know the importance of posting frequently. Google favors websites that keep relevant content on their site at all times. This is one of the tools for content writers to generate a suitable idea. But they also favor sites with high article ideas based on keywords you give the algorithm.

    2. Zen Pen

    Zen Pen For Content Writers

    Zen Pen is a minimalist website that eliminates all distractions except writing. You can still easily add quotes and URLs, as well as format the text to be bold, italicized, or both. Depending on how skilled you are at procrastinating and getting distracted, this might save you hours.

    3. Ninja Essays

    Ninja Essays For Content Writers

    Sometimes content writers need a helping hand to generate high-quality articles on a regular basis. This can be especially true for writers who need highly technical content or specialized knowledge. The profession writers at Ninja Essays can write some or all of your content. You can also hire them as tools for content writers for editing, proofreading, and formatting services. They can save you a lot of time researching, writing, and editing.

    4. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

    Tools For Content Writers

    You’ve used Portent’s Content Idea Generator, and now you have a huge list of topic ideas. It’s time to turn them into headlines so you can begin your article with a clear structure and goal in mind. But how do you know if you’ve chosen an effective headline? Enter CoSchedule. You type your headline into CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, and the website will tell you how effective it will be in capturing readers’ attention. You’ll get a score between 1-100. Keep tweaking it until you get a score in the 80s or higher.

    5. Read-Able

    Tools For Content Writers

    Make sure your work is easy to read with Read-Able. It tells you the average grade level of the language and words used in the article. This is one of the tools for content writers that tells you the oldest age group that would be able to easily comprehend the material. If you’re writing highly complex content that you need to make more widely available, Read-Able will make sure you don’t alienate your audience.

    6. Help.PlagTracker

    Tools For Content Writers

    One of the most important qualities of your content must be originality. If you use other websites for inspiration, it’s possible that you may inadvertently wind up with similar bits of copy. PlagTracker will point out any instances of plagiarism and replace them with original content. It’s also a useful tool to make sure your content is unique. If you sell vacuum cleaners, you don’t want your website to say the same things about your machines as all the other websites. You want dynamic copy. PlagTracker can make that process faster and easier.

    7. Evernote

    Tools For Content Writers

    Save yourself a lot of time throughout the entire researching and writing process with this kind of tools for content writers. Evernote lets you store websites, keep notes, record voice memos, and even write. The writing section saves automatically, so you never have to worry about losing work due to a computer crash. You can access Evernote from almost any device, so you can easily move from the notes you took on your phone to writing on your computer.

    8. Canva

    Tools For Content Writers

    Canva is a website and app that lets you add visual content to your website. Visual aids not only make your articles more attractive, but they also make them more effective. People are far more likely to read articles with photos, and they are more likely to purchase form businesses that have relevant, attractive photos on their websites. If you follow the adage, “if you’re going to do something, do it right,” you’d be wise to take advantage of Canva.

    9. Hemingway Editor

    Tools For Content Writers

    Save yourself a lot of future pain by using Hemingway Editor early in the editing process. The website finds sentences that are “difficult to read,” and “very difficult to read.” It is highly recommended that you re-write those sentences. Hemingway also points out instances of passive voice so you can change them to active voice, which commands more authority.

    10. Tomato-Timer

    Tools For Content Writers

    Tomato-Timer is possibly among the most valuable tools for content writers in this list. Based on the “Pomodoro Technique,” Tomato-Timer breaks up your work into “Pomodoros,” or increments of 25-minutes. After each Pomodoro, you get a 5-minute break. You can organize your workday however you want. Maybe you’ll want to do six Pomodoros before lunch. This technique is effective in preventing you from getting distracted because it sets a clear distinction between work time and break time. It’s also helpful because 25-minutes is quite manageable.

    Now you have an arsenal of tools to help you become a better, more organized and effective writer.

    Which of the 11 Time-Saving Tools for Content Writers do you think will be the most effective for your business?

    Do you use any tools that we’ve missed on this list?

    Leave a message in the comments below.

    Julie Petersen
    Julie Petersen
    Julie Petersen is a private language tutor and a content marketing specialist, who runs her own essay writing blog AskPetersen.

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    1. I’ve been a digital marketer for several years now, I’m noticing that relevancy is probably the most important ranking factor. This is why keyword stuffing doesn’t do the trick anymore. Hemingway just doesn’t include feedback on this. Been working with a new tool called INK, it has built-in SEO functionality. Another useful tool for the tool box, wanted to share new addition with my fellow bloggers:


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