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    4 Things You Should Not Do with Video Maker

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    Videos excel as promotional tools for all kinds of businesses.

    They can be used to inform, entertain, and even provoke an emotional response from your potential customers. The video maker can prove to be an essential tool to many businesses, but that’s assuming they’re used correctly.

    The video creation process is not foolproof. You can still make mistakes, especially if you’re new to the whole endeavor. Instead of drumming up interest in your business, a poorly made video can just hurt your prospects.

    You have to be more thoughtful when creating videos.

    In this article, we’ll highlight common mistakes people make during the video creation process. Keep them in mind, and do your best to avoid them as well.

    1. Overlook Audio Quality

    Audio issues are commonly found in videos made by those new to this kind of task. You can easily identify why that happens too.

    People get enamored very quickly with the visual tools provided by a video maker. They become so fixated on those tools that they overlook the importance of audio quality.

    For instance, many videos feature inconsistent audio. You know the type, right? The video’s start is booming, the monologue portion is at the proper audio level, but then some parts become whisper-quiet.

    However, you may be limited somewhat by the audio clips you’re using, but inconsistent audio remains inexcusable. It’s frustrating for viewers to tune in to a video with audio like that.

    Music-related issues also pop up frequently.

    Look online, and you’ll find numerous videos where the background music is drowning out the person talking. Viewers won’t be able to gain any valuable information from videos configured that way.

    Remember that you’re promoting a business and not a musician, so let the more crucial audio shine through.

    Some videos also feature mismatched music tracks. In other words, the video and audio are not in tune with one another, and that creates a noticeable disconnect. You have to be more mindful when choosing music tracks to avoid that mistake.

    Lastly, you should avoid getting the audio out of sync. This isn’t as common as the other mistakes, but you’re still vulnerable to it if you’re new to using a video maker. Check the video before posting to avoid this annoying error.

    2. Use Too Many Transition Styles 

    You’ll probably be using various IPS in your promotional video, which means you’ll need transitions too. It’s essential to pay close attention to how you execute those transitions using the video maker. Failing to do so could cause you to make a few very noticeable errors.

    Incomplete transitions are among the most jarring errors. You’re watching a video, and then the screen suddenly goes blank for a few seconds. Even if the error only persists for a few seconds, it still brings down the video.

    You need to manage your video clips better to avoid that kind of mistake. Most importantly, using transitions also helps disguise the switching between clips, although they present issues of their own.

    Some video creators go overboard with their transitions. New creators get a hold of numerous changes, and they suddenly feel the urge to use them all the time.

    Always bear in mind that the content should be the focal point of the video. Don’t take away from that by using an abundance of distracting transitions.

    Jump cuts are worth discussing too.

    We want to be clear here and state that jump cuts have a purpose. Moreover, they help you trim fat from a video and turn it into a more consumable piece of content. When appropriately used, jump cuts improve the quality of a video.

    Still, there is such a thing as using too many jump cuts. Mix in other transitions or use other techniques to move the video along without making the content stale.

    3. Using the Wrong Graphics 

    Graphics aren’t used in all videos, but you may need them in your promotional piece. The graphics can be used to convey important information about an upcoming sale or perhaps a new product your business is launching.

    As soon as you open up your video maker, you’ll likely find plenty of graphics to use. It’s tempting to use all of them, but you should hold back on doing so. Less is more when it comes to graphics, so be more discerning about how to include them.

    Video creators should also consider how the graphics they use will appear in the video. For instance, you may be using yellow text against a yellowish background. Now, the viewers won’t be able to read what’s on-screen, and your video isn’t fulfilling its purpose anymore.

    Seemingly small mistakes can make a big difference. Watch out for them and make sure you avoid them.

    It’s also not a great idea to use different kinds of fonts in your video. We understand that you want to get creative and try new things, but your promotional video should not showcase that.

    Stick to just one font and let the content of the video speak for itself. You’ll find that a video like that does a better job of conveying your desired message.

    4. Put Too Much Information

    One more mistake people often make while using the video maker is overloading their creations with information. By plastering so much information on the screen at one time, you make it difficult for anyone to see what’s in front of them.

    You have to divide the information into more easily consumable pieces. Spread them out through the video. That way, the viewers will have an easier time following along.

    Video creators should also avoid containing too much information in just a few frames. If you’re displaying important information, leave it up for a bit. Make it easier for your viewers to understand what you’re saying.

    Promotional videos don’t have to go too in-depth on specific topics. As long as you hit the most important points and emphasize them, the video should turn out well.

    Final Thoughts

    The video maker can turn into one of the best marketing tools if used correctly. By avoiding the common mistakes we discussed, you’ll be able to get the most out of that tool, as mentioned earlier. Use it well and marvel at the positive impact it will have on your business!

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