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    Things to Know about 3-Sided Fitted Covers for Your Tables

    Everything should be prim and proper while organizing events and participating in trade shows and conferences.

    Even the slightest wrinkle appearing on the table cover could send a wrong message to your target audience. It may adversely impact your reputation as a company. A shabbily laid out tablecloth speaks volumes about your company’s attitude and lack of professionalism.

    Remember that your existing and prospective customers are looking for high-quality table covers. Neat, snug-fit, and stretchable fitted tablecloths take your business’s trustworthiness a few notches higher.

    Remember that 3-sided fitted tablecloths for the best for trade shows as they fit perfectly. Stretch table covers are a contemporary twist to conventional table covers.

    As per Huff Post, it is not essential for your tables table scape to be expensive or complicated or somewhat over-the-top. Often rustic and minimalist decorations prove to be beautiful.

    Stretch fitted covers for your table are ideal for various occasions including: 

    • Trade Shows
    • Parties
    • Meet and Greets
    • Farmers Markets
    • Expos
    • Events
    • Conventions
    • College Orientation

    You may get custom-fitted table covers according to your specific requirements. Your covers will stay wrinkle-free and smooth throughout the event. It helps your organization to get a competent and professional image.

    3-sided Fitted Table Covers Are Used for Enhanced Functionality

    Three-sided covers for your table are great for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. They are the best bet for all your corporate events like conferences, seminars, and tradeshows. Moreover, the fitted covers for your tables are also the right choice for weddings and parties. They are the best for grand occasions as they enhance the overall aesthetic ambiance besides offering superlative functionality and incredible versatility. 

    The 3-sided fitted covers for your tables are a powerful and practical product. The three sides of the cover help to drape all around the table. Everything that is underneath the table is effectively concealed from view. The fourth side helps to drape only about 10 inches so that you have far more convenient access to your stuff including important files lying underneath. While you are sitting and talking with a potential customer, you no longer need to keep raising the cover awkwardly to look for the relevant products or files to show your customer. Everything will be present right there within your reach. 

    Best for Multiple Representatives 

    As one side of the cover is stitched to the perfect fit, you will not require any clipping or table toppers for holding the tablecloth in its perfect place. These fitted covers are certainly more convenient than the conventional table skirting that is often used in conventions and tradeshows. Whenever you require a table for a corporate event where more than one representatives need to sit on one side of the same table, it is a good idea to use a three-sided cover for utmost functionality and convenience.

    Conclusion: Always the Right Choice

    Most of the premium quality fitted covers for your tables come with guaranteed color and fabric. They come with customization opportunity, and competitive pricing. You may customize your covers with your company logo and unique branding graphics. Remember that these covers are available in a host of fabrics. You may opt for spandex, poly premier, damask, or any other fabric of your preference. Moreover, these covers may be custom-tailored to cater to your special fabric needs like fire retardant or spill repellant fabric.

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