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    ThemeForest Review 2016 – The Best Marketplace for WordPress Themes

    ThemeForest is one of the biggest marketplaces for HTML templates, WordPress themes and more. offers a variety of tools for bloggers and website owners. You will find tens of thousands of WordPress themes from several different authors on the ThemeForest marketplace.

    Envato is the company behind ThemeForest. Envato is an Australian company founded in 2006 and has a large network of staff located all over the world. Envato is a top-rated open source and creative company that has been delivering high quality web products for a decade now. ThemeForest is by far Envato’s most profitable venture.

    Why ThemeForest is the best marketplace for WordPress themes?

    Let’s look at what you can expect from the ThemeForest marketplace.

    wordpress themes

    ThemeForest Review 2016 – Tools and Functionality

    ThemeForest showcases themes from some of the best WordPress theme developers in the world. So you can expect the themes sold on ThemeForest to be functional and feature rich. ThemeForest offers a wide assortment of tools suitable for every website owner or blogger. All tools marketed on ThemeForest are classified into the following categories – WordPress, Plugins, Marketing, Site Templates, CMS, eCommerce and PSD Templates. ThemeForest is by far the largest WordPress Theme marketplace on the Web.

    ThemeForest Review 2016 – Strict Standards

    All WordPress themes listed on ThemeForest are first reviewed extensively by a team of reviewers at Envato. Envato is very strict about what is allowed on ThemeForest and what is not. Many theme writers get their initial submissions rejected. Only those themes that meet the standards set by Envato are allowed to be marketed on ThemeForest.

    ThemeForest Review 2016 – Variety

    There are literally thousands of premium WordPress themes sold on theme forest. Many of them are rich in graphics and high on complexity, while others have a more simple and elegant designs. The WordPress themes sold on ThemeForest belong to every major category such as blog, creative, magazine, retail business, corporate, technology, entertainment, nonprofit, eCommerce, miscellaneous, BuddyPress, HTML5, CSS3 responsive, and more.

    ThemeForest Review 2016 – Pricing

    All ThemeForest themes are very attractively priced. The WordPress themes sold on ThemeForest range from $30 to $60 per theme. The only issue with ThemeForest is that they do not offer any special deals, discounts or combo offers with their themes, unlike many of their competitors.

    ThemeForest Review 2016 – Support

    ThemeForest has a 24/7 support that can be reached by live chat or email. However, ThemeForest expects the theme authors to handle any issues related to their themes. So if you have any issue with a theme, you will have to get in touch with the theme authors themselves.

    The problem with this approach is that it is highly inconsistent. While some theme authors offer excellent support and go the extra mile to help out buyers with their issues, there are other developers who are completely unresponsive.

    ThemeForest does not have an opinion on this, and it is entirely up to the developers themselves to choose their approach with respect to customer service. However, remember ThemeForest is a user controlled marketplace so any unresponsive developers cannot stay in business for too long. They get weeded out because of poor customer reviews.

    Click here to visit the official ThemeForest website. The world’s biggest marketplace for WordPress themes.

    wordpress themes

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