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    The World Of Online Grocery Shopping

    This generation can be explained in one word: “busy”. From a kid to a retired person, everyone is busy in their lives. People have been independent enough to take care of their own tasks. Even when it comes to grocery shopping, they do it themselves. But finding time for such essential activities apart from a regular lifestyle is tough. To resolve such situations, there was an emergence of online grocery stores. As per studies, experts have recorded over 75% increase in online grocery shopping between 2018 – 2020. People are more dependent digitally, and just like buying clothes, they even go for online shopping of grocery. Big companies try to expand their online supermarket business, generating more employment for people and ease for online users. To give customers some more advantage, they offer discounts such as the Metromart code. Other than that, online grocery buying has several perks, including authenticity, fresh items, good prices and home delivery.   

    Pandemic Effects

    During the pandemic, every online store registered a boom in their businesses. The most success was seen in the online grocery market. People couldn’t leave their houses and relied solely on online websites. From food to groceries, everything was ordered online during the pandemic. And now, it has become a lifestyle pattern for people doing 9-5 jobs. Even youngsters who stay away from home and prepare their own meals started using online apps for groceries as it saves the effort of shopping from different stores. 

    Saving Time & Money   

    The biggest perk of online shopping, regardless of the products, is saving time and money. Especially when it comes to online grocery stores, they offer enormous discounts on their stock. This product list comprises cereals, spices, condiments, meats and fresh vegetables. The point is that you get several apps to explore just on your home screen. This helps you to navigate the most affordable products while sitting at your home. So, choose online grocery shopping to save time and money relentlessly.   

    Top 4 Online Grocery Store In The Philippines


    If someone is looking for cost-effective and fresh products, Metromart PH is their go-to zone. It is the #1 online grocery store in the Philippines. It was started in the year of 2015 by Stefano Fazzini and Christian Fazzini. They had the vision to deliver groceries to the doorstep by integrating them with technology. And now, they are the most successful businesses in the country. The most famous part about the store is the iconic Metromart discount code which can help buyers save massively. 


    The very infamous fashion brand in the Middle East, Lazada, has its own grocery line as well. It is known as LazMart. This store is the fastest and easiest way to buy groceries. There are many unique features that only LazMart has, and it sets the store apart from others. From here, you can purchase food, drinks, baby care, home care and everything you need in a heartbeat. The most attractive part about the store is its authenticity check from the beginning of the process.


    A brilliant mind named Joshua Aragon made efforts to turn an idea into reality. This gave birth to Philippine’s popular grocery store PushKart. The store was built on the grounds of saving time, money and energy for consumers. It brings supermarkets on your phones and groceries to your doorsteps. The store is even known for its wide range of product list that includes a-z of groceries. 

    Vegan Grocer 

    One of the difficulties that vegan people face is finding the best grocery for themselves. In the Philippines, then emerged an online store called The Vegan Grocer. This store is dedicated to vegan food products that are curated to taste immaculate. You can shop by lifestyle as all the products are fresh and from locally sourced partners. This healthy corporation was formed to provide healthy and delicious vegan alternatives. They have shined in the sector and now serve as one of the most loved online grocery websites. Apart from that, the prices are minimal, and the products are of high quality. 

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    Robert Malcolm
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