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    The Top Health Problems That Make It Hard to Get Fit

    Getting fit can be incredibly hard to do, especially if you do not enjoy exercise or if you prefer a sedentary lifestyle.

    However, while it is important to get as fit as possible, there are many health problems that can make it harder for you to get as fit as you might want to. As such, here are some of the top health problems that can affect your fitness and your ability to exercise.

    ·      Pollen Allergies

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    Pollen allergies can make it difficult for you to exercise outside, which can be a large problem if you live in a small house. This is particularly the case during the summer months, when you might want to go running or even enjoy a light half-hour of yoga in your backyard. Pollen allergies can make you sneeze, can make it harder for you to breathe, and can leave you with red and watering eyes. As such, if you are struggling to exercise because of your pollen allergy, you should consider looking for antihistamines that can stop you from having such a negative reaction to pollen. For instance, Mometasone nasal spray contains a corticosteroid that can reduce inflammation in the nose and ensure that you do not suffer from your allergies all season long.

    ·      Asthma

    Asthma can leave you short of breath and wheezing. You might also experience dizziness and a fast heartbeat. Many people struggle to exercise with asthma unless they take medication beforehand. However, exercise is good for your asthma symptoms and can reduce them significantly by increasing your lung capacity. As such, you should try to exercise often. You may want to avoid exercises that put constant strain on your lungs though, and you should listen to your body when you exercise, stopping when you believe that you have reached your limit. You should also make sure that you always have your inhaler with you before you exercise as well, as this will enable you to use it in an emergency.  

    ·      Joint Pain

    Joint pain, such as runner’s knee and arthritis, can make it difficult to stay mobile due to the inflammation and stiffness of the joints that are affected. However, it is important to stay physically active when you have arthritis, as this can keep you flexible. There are also specific exercises that you can perform with runner’s knee that can help to strengthen your joints and muscles. As such, you should make sure that your joint pain does not keep you in bed, and that you are able to do at least mild exercise. You should talk to your doctor before exercising though to ensure that your exercise regime does not lead to your condition worsening.

    ·      Depression and Anxiety

    Mental health issues can prevent you from staying fit. This is because you may lack energy or motivation to exercise when you are depressed and anxious, and these mental health issues may also lead to agoraphobia, or an inability to leave the house on your own. As such, you should try to find simple exercises that you enjoy and that you can perform in your home, and even those that you can do while sitting down or in bed. This will then allow you to stay physically fit even if you are struggling to maintain your mental fitness.

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