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    The Top 20 Most Creative Webcams

    A Webcam is Video capturing device connected to a computer device via USB or via wi-fi. the main purpose of the webcam is used in messenger programs such as Windows live messenger, Skype, Yahoo messenger Gtalk and much more. Webcams are used to send images or continuous frames to a computer screen. That’s the somewhat technical explanation. What’s more interesting is “why” people own them. There are many reasons:They’re great for videocalling, videoconferencing, Xbox Live gaming, monitoring your home/office, and even spying on your pet or nanny.. (Hey, don’t you ever wonder what they do all day long?) Webcams are often available as optional computer accessories and we’re now seeing them integrated into LCD monitors.

    creative webcams

    So, If you using a webcam on your computer and getting bored by using simple webcams. then try something different with your webcam. here we are going to enlist up some of the beautiful and amazing webcam which you might want to try.

    Minoru Webcam

    Meet Minoru, meaning ‘Reality’ in Japanese, the World’s first 3D webcam. Connect Minoru to your PC and he will come alive, his eyes will light up and he will be looking at you in 3D.Your friends and family can now see you in 3D over your favourite messaging program like Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL instant messenger, OoVoo and many others.You can also take 3D photos or even shoot 3D videos and upload them to YouTube.

    Price= US$89.00 Buy Minoru Webcam

    Eric Zhang’s Bubblehead Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative Webcams

    Similar to what the concept is talking at, Bubblehead webcam inherit most of the features as drawn in the concept pictures. From the Flexible hand to cling on everything, flexible joint to do any type of posses, and so on. Unfortunately, it seems the clock feature is missing in the actual product. I’m kind of love this features since it would be cool for a webcam to have an integrated LED clock.

    Price= US$50 Buy Eric Zhang’s Bubblehead Webcam

    Heart clip Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative Webcams

    Heartclip webcam a stylish webcam which can clip on your LCD monitor or just stand on your desk. it is available in two beautiful blue and pink colours and its left side rotable to be a heart shaped which is designated with amicrophone and tourch sensitive Led light. it has automatic white balance and flash control with excellent still inage capure supporting USB 2.0 interface.

    Price= US$22.00    Buy Heartclip webcam

    Starfish Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsStarfish webcam is designed in starfish shape which is best suited for video conferencing on Skype, AIM, MSN, ichat etc. the main feature of starfish webcam is its image sensor: 1/4-inch CMOS with built in Microphone and is fully compatible with USB 2.0 specifications.

    Price= US$26.00  Buy Starfish webcam

    Angel Baby Pinocchio Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsAngel baby pinocchio webcam is avery cool designed baby shaped webcam in which webcam is built in its mouth which makes it very funny.its main feature is 1.3 mega pixel CMOS coloured sensor chip which offers a high quality clearity image and its head can be rotated 360° freely with USB 2.0 compatability.

    Price= US$14.99    Buy Angel baby pinocchio webcam

    Happy Kid Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsHappy-Kid Web Cam can perform many different poses by flexing its arms, legs or head and it can hang on your PC monitor too! Users can take pictures by pressing the snap shot button on its head. Get one and you must have fun with this little kid.its main features is its image sensor: CMOS sensor 480k with focus 30mm to infinity.

    Price= US$19.00    Buy Happy-Kid Webcam

    Boynq Alibi  Speaker with Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsAlibi webcam helps you to Speak to your friends and family all across the world with integrated microphone, your ultimate communication desktop buddy. it has been available in four different colours with automatic white balance and colour management.Webcam can be tilted 25° and rotated 300° and Fully USB supported with magnatically shielded against high frequency.

    Price= US$35.00     Buy Alibi webcam

    Novelty 360 Degree Rotated Dinosaur Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative Webcamsits an dinosaur shaped webcam who adopts 1.3 Mega pixels CMOS colour sensor chip which offer a high quality clarity image. it is fully compatible with USB 2.0 and the head of dinosaur can be rotated at 360°.

    Price= US$16.99      Buy Novelty 360 Degree Rotated Dinosaur Webcam

    Rocket Launcher Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsRocket Launcher webcam is one of the funniest and amazing webcam with which you can Aim and fire at targets using the built-in webcam and MSN Messenger.Take control over your buddy’s missile launcher and shoot them! Missile Launcher can pan left and right and tilt up and down. Sound effects (from your computer) when you launch your buddy’s lets enjoy with your missile cum webcam while talking with your friends.

    Price= US$49.00    Buy Rocket launcher Webcam

    3-in-1 USB Web Cam

    The 20 of Most Creative Webcams

    3-in-1 USB Webcam consists of Webcam+Microphone+speaker.This USB Combo Web Cam consists of Microphone and speaker. It’s portable and flexible to use; Workable on Skype, AIM, MSN, iChat, etc. Get one today and start chatting away with your family and friends!

    Price= US$22.00     Buy 3-in-1 USB Webcam

    ANEO GX-10 Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsANEO GX-10 is a new gaming experience for you to stretch and relax while you are working under stressful and heavy workload. It is a web camera with three PC video interactive games, Kungfu, Super Knight, and Funny Stair. ANEO GX-10 puts YOU into the theme and in real-time puts your moves on the screen while you are in front of the PC.

    Price= US$33.00   Buy ANEO GX-10 Webcam

    Wow Wee Rovio Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsWow Wee Rovio Webcam is one of the amazing webcam which is an wi-fi enabled webcam and is controlled can use this web cam while sitting in a room or a place and wants to know about what happens at outside your room.

    Price= US$159.99       Buy Wow Wee Rovio Webcam

    Cute Teddy Bear Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsCute Teddy Bear Webcam is very stylish and good looking webcam with built in aebcam in its nose. it can also placed on your computer’s table as an show piece and is fully USB supported webcam.

    Price= US$14.95      Buy Cute Teddy Bear Webcam

    Mr. Burns Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsMr. Burns Webcam depicts the sinister, all-powerful presence of Montgomery Burns. Mr. Burns is seated at his desk, his sparse frame overshadowed by his throne-like chair. Burn’s head is carried low, in a vulture-like fashion. His elbows are propped along the blotter, and his thin fingers manically steepled.

    Price= US$38.95     Buy Mr. Burns Webcam

    Doctor Who Dalek Webcam

    Doctor Who Dalek Webcam is an tank shaped webcam with built in webcam at middle with a cover and has an led lights at the can place it on your table as well as clipped on your LCD.

    Price= US$35.24      Buy Doctor Who Dalek Webcam

    Flexible USB Sunflower Camera w/ Base

    The 20 of Most Creative Webcams
    Need something to brighten your day? Then place this webcam next to your monitor. The Flexible USB Sunflower Camera w/ Base is a sunflower-shaped, lightweight Web camera that captures at 30 fps with sound. It stands 9.5 inches tall and operates on Windows systems.

    Price= US$28.59 Buy Flexible USB Sunflower Camera w/ Base

    USB Lion Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative Webcams

    Price= US$28.59 Buy Flexible USB Sunflower Camera w/ Base

    Hello Kitty Webcam

    The 20 of Most Creative WebcamsHello Kitty is also one of the cool webcam and its white and pink colour combination makes it more beautiful webcam. it is an fully USB suppoted webcam with built in webcam at middle with microphone.

    Price= US$66.99 Buy Hello Kitty Webcam

    LEGO Video Camera

    The 20 of Most Creative Webcams

    The Digital Blue LEGO Stop Animation video camera is a must-have for the LEGO fanatics. This LEGO-inspired digital camera features a 1.5-inch rotation color screen, a macro lens for close ups, and a software that allows you to produce your own Stop-motion Animation movies.

    Price= US$79.99 Buy LEGO Video Camera

    3-in-1 USB UFO WebCam

    The 20 of Most Creative Webcams

    Stylish webcam with MIC, fan, and built in white LED lights. This handy USB powered plug-and-play computer video camera will have you connecting to web video calls in moments with high quality and speed. A great computer addition for any person who wants to have fun or conduct business while chatting online. This is a great new twist to the webcam. This deluxe edition features a UFO shaped computer video camera with an adjustable microphone, two white LED lights, and a soft safety blade fan. This unit also has a knob controlled suction cup base so you can easily attach it to any smooth surface.

    Price= US$49 Buy 3-in-1 USB UFO WebCam

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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