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    The Importance of Video and The Best Marketing Video Makers

    Did you know that using video as a marketing tool can lead to a much higher conversation rate?

    I am going to explain the importance of video to increase your business growth and which software are the best video makers to create marketing videos.

    Here are some video marketing statistics taken from the 2014 Online Video Marketing Survey of 600 marketing professionals…

    • 71 percent of internet marketers say that online videos offer better conversions than other mediums for marketing
    • 65 percent of business executives visited a vendor’s site after seeing a video of a product or service
    • 64 percent of consumers buy a product after watching a video
    • Hosting videos on a website results in a 20 percent jump in conversion rates

    This should give you an idea as to why is video marketing important. Let’s talk a bit more about this. We shall also discuss how to use video marketing and the best video marketing software.

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    Importance of Video to Promote Your Business

    The last few years have been wonderful for online marketers. There has been a slew of innovations in social media marketing and mobile marketing strategies. Many businesses are using real-time analytic to optimize their conversions. Content marketing has finally had its day in the sun.

    The biggest development that has emerged over the last few years has been the emergence of online video marketing. The video is the medium of choice for online marketers, not just for the broadcast media or for peer-to-peer content sharing, but for B2C and B2B marketing as well.

    On Facebook alone, over 8 billion videos are played every day. According to Cisco 80% of all Internet traffic will consist of streaming video content by 2019. 74% of online marketers say that video converts better than any other form of digital marketing, according to a market survey by research firm Demand Metric. From these statistics, you can easily understand the importance of video and how video can play a great role to increase your sales conversion rate.

    Video Marketing Trends – Ideas for Marketing Your Business

    #1: Video Marketing is today used to build better relationships with clients or customers
    The job of an online video marketing company is not just to create viral videos that tell a brand’s story. It is equally about using video to build better relationships with buyers, to educate them about their products and services. Videos can be used to improve customer satisfaction.

    Video marketing plays a critical role at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel. You should understand the importance of video and your video marketing strategy should consist of making the following types of videos:

    • Customer testimonials
    • Explainer and tutorial videos
    • On-demand product demonstration videos
    • Event videos
    • Thought leader interviews
    • Project reviews
    • Live and on-demand webinars
    • Case studies
    • Video blogs

    The point is, any content that engages your customers will get their attention. Video marketing can help you sell more and sell more effectively.

    #2: Video marketing is increasingly used in B2B markets
    The most effective marketers are those who compel their customers to think in a different manner. There are many video marketing tools used for this purpose, such as animated whiteboard videos, canned presentations and customer case studies.

    The goal of online video marketing for businesses is to create a more effective connection with customers on an emotional level. This is especially true in the tech industry where webcams are used to record greetings for customers and business partners and send follow-up messages after a client meeting.

    This new trend, described as video selling is expected to play an important role in most B2B and B2C businesses in their approach to marketing.

    #3: Videos are now an interactive medium
    Everybody talks about the importance of video but I would like to include the importance of interactive videos. Interactive videos have been around for a number of years, but it is only now that we consider this to be a part of popular online marketing. The biggest challenge in video marketing relates to the implementation of the technology.

    Now, with new player technologies and design tools such as video production software for windows, animated whiteboard video software, etc., it is easier than ever to create interactive elements.

    Videos have become so interactive as a medium that they are used to take surveys, questionnaires, data collection forms, and so on. Videos are now used to generate leads, drive engagement with customers and qualify prospects.

    Businesses have done their bit to increase the content relevance and engagement for viewers with videos. Also, collecting insights on interests and intent of prospects are now easier than ever before using some marketing video makers available around the web.

    #4: A truly personalized content experience
    Personalization of the message has been the biggest trend in digital marketing. This has been made possible by RTP (real-time personalization) technologies. The personalized video is very much a part of this growing trend. Marketers can now customize the actual video content with information that is unique and personalized to each individual viewer. The goal is to create a truly personalized content experience.

    For B2B customers, this means having your first name or company name included in the video, inviting you to try out the new service or product. Or it could be a video with real images of your actual website playing out in the background. This sort of personalization has always been talked about, but only now it has become a reality.

    #5: Video marketing is today considered critical to all B2B businesses.
    Today, practically all B2B businesses have dedicated video marketing teams because they know the importance of video to get the desired result. We have already talked about the leading role of video as a medium for content distribution.

    Video has great potential as a sales tool, an interactive content and to convey personalized messages. More and more companies are hiring video production talents, writers, creative directors and journalists to produce quality video content.

    #6: The explosion in the use of video content can no longer be ignored by marketers.
    An estimated 3.8 trillion photos were taken for all of history up to 2011. But in 2015 alone, 1 trillion photographs were taken. YouTube is a fast growing medium with over 1 billion users. Video content comprises about 60% of all digital impressions. Video is today a medium of choice for all marketers to stay relevant and achieve results.

    Why Your Business Needs Video Creation Software to create Marketing Videos?

    As discussed earlier, video is the most popular and effective way to distribute, broadcast and advertise information. Video marketing is the fastest growing form of online marketing as every business owner started understanding the importance of video to promote their brand. If you truly understand the importance of video to market your business, you should consider using a user-friendly and less time-consuming video creation software for creating marketing videos.

    The effectiveness of online marketing videos can be seen around the world, as hundreds of millions of people use videos every day. Videos are used on the internet, on smartphones and on TV. Everyone comes into contact with at least some forms of online marketing video in their daily life.

    One of the biggest beneficiaries of this trend has been video marketing companies and creators of marketing video making software and tools.

    Tools such as FX video making software, slideshow maker, whiteboard animation software, explaindio video creator, explainer video, doodle video maker, whiteboard presentation software allow anyone, even those who lack any technical skills, to make high quality professional looking videos with the greatest of ease.

    What are the Best Marketing Video Maker Software?

    Many online video makers share similar attributes for the most part. But they are also very poorly designed and lack in terms of usability, features and value. However, there are two well-planned video making software that deliver great results, time and time again.

    They are, Explaindio and VideoMakerFX. I am going to review each of the two products here. Our video marketing team at are using both of this software to produce professional business videos for many clients. Both software will cover almost all kinds of videos you wish to make to promote any online or offline business.

    Why do you need these marketing video makers? I’m willing to bet you’ve tried your hand at preparing slideshows and found it to be an incredibly difficult thing to do.

    Yes, presenting can be really hard, and it’s so easy for your audience to yawn and gets bored by it all. Instead of creating slides, why not create personalized, viewer friendly videos that command attention?

    You can now do that with VideoMakerFX.

    VideoMakerFX is by far the best marketing video creation software out there which allows you to make professional marketing videos even if you have no previous experience of video editing. It is a user friendly software that helps you create videos for businesses and marketers.

    It consists of over 240 customizable slide themes, which means you can create videos to depict the various features of your business in the most creative manner possible. All videos created with this tool are not saved on an external server. You can save them on your own computer and you own everything that you create using this software. You can choose to do as you want to, you can use the whiteboard or explainer videos thus created, or sell them to an online marketer or to a business.

    What makes this software so unique is that it is by no means expensive. You can make an unlimited number of videos with no restrictions for life with this VideoMakerFX. You can do it yourself and won’t need to hire a professional to do it for you. It’s so simple to play with it.

    You can create videos that are a combination of slides. The slides can be placed anywhere in the timeline. You won’t have to deal with too much of a learning curve as you get started with VideoMakerFX. The company behind this amazing tool knows the importance of video to promote any business and to increase brand awareness so they built this tool for business owners and marketers to create awesome marketing videos very easily.

    Here are some of the best features of VideoMakerFX

    #1: It creates simple and powerful whiteboard animation videos, whiteboard explainer videos, hand drawn animation videos.

    #2: It creates perfect explainer videos with an ease that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars if you hire someone else to do them for you.

    #3: If you want to make explainer video for selling any online or offline services, this powerful software will make it so easy to get your video done within very short time.

    #4: You will get simple but elegant presentation style videos, and can make them faster than you would with PowerPoint.

    #5: You can create the videos in high definition and export them in quick time.

    #6: This all-in-one video creation software is easy to master. It has a relatively short learning curve. You won’t need to spend too much time to master it.

    #7: There are over 240 animated scenes and slides to choose from with this program. Also, great music, lovely photos and visually appealing backgrounds.

    #8: Another best part is you can easily create wonderful sales videos for your local clients who are willing to pay hundreds to thousands for a single video. You can also sell video creation services from your own website.

    There are a plenty of other good reasons to recommend VideoMakerFX so visit the sales page to check out all the amazing features this tool is offering. It is definitely one of the best video-making software and trusted by thousands of marketers and business owners. So this marketing video maker tool is a must buy if you are serious about getting into video marketing.

    Click here to get a full overview of VideoMakerFX Now!

    I want to mention the name of another great video making tool, it has to be Explaindio.

    It is one of the best animation, doodle sketch, and motion video creation out there, which allows you to create attention-grabbing professional looking 2D & 3D marketing, explainer & training videos very easily in just minutes.

    What makes Explaindio so special is that it allows you to combine 2D & 3D animation functionality, whiteboard sketch elements and motion video. If you watch the sales video of this software, you’ll be amazed by the ability of this tool and how well it can perform to meet your imaginations.

    Explaindio allows you to create interesting and interactive videos from images, text and animation templates. It’s like a combination of Photoshop and a video editor. Whether you are a small business owner or an online marketer, you can use it to create perfect animated and sketch explainer videos.

    It allows you to upload your own images first, or use any of the hundreds of pre-loaded images in the software and then animate or edit them the way you would like to.

    You can then import an existing video and use the software to convert into an animated drawing. Explaindio can be used to sketch over a live video as well, which is another of its great functionalities.

    The new version of Explaindio is much improved and has seen a plenty of changes over the previous iterations. There’s been a strong focus on user friendliness and performance with the new software.

    The other big change is speed. It’s faster than before and allows you to create animations quickly and efficiently. You even don’t need any video production experience to create amazing marketing videos using this tool.

    Explaindio is a highly recommended tool by the top marketers in the video marketing industry, so you should consider this revolutionary video making software in your video marketing arsenal. As our team has been using this software, so I believe it’s a great video creator which is easy to use and affordable too.

    Click here to have a look on the features list of Explaindio and to access this for a special discount.

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    Final Thoughts:

    I have discussed the importance of video for businesses and given some useful video marketing tips. I have spoken about the latest trends in video and how videos can work as a marketing weapon to increase brand awareness.

    I have also talked about marketing video creation software, their advantages and disadvantages, with a specific focus on two highly recommended marketing video makers – VideoMakerFX and Explaindio. I have mentioned the features of these video creation tool and explained what’s so great about them.

    Hope you enjoyed this article. As always, I look forward to your comments. If you have any questions, do write them in the comment below, I will be sure to get back to you quickly. Ciao!

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