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    The Benefits of Enclosed Auto Transport

    Many people view their car as more than simply transportation: It is often seen as an investment and form of expression.

    Investing in enclosed transport for a high-value or classic car is the perfect way to protect it during transit from road debris, inclement weather conditions, and any potential threats such as theft or vandalism.


    Enclosed auto transport offers superior protection from weather elements and road debris for vehicles that require extra care during shipping. 

    Fully sealed metal and fiberglass trailers protect them from flying rocks, smashed bugs, and dings while traveling on highways.

    Contrasting open car transport, where vehicles ride atop other cars for pickup and delivery, enclosed transport uses low ramps or lift equipment to load cars onto its hauler; thus limiting opportunities for damage at pickup and delivery. Most damaged cars occur during loading/unloading operations on open ten-car haulers – enclosed auto transport eliminates these opportunities entirely.

    Before the vehicle is loaded into an enclosed carrier, it’s carefully inspected by a team of transport professionals with extensive experience and qualifications. This process enables customers to address any potential issues prior to transport and ensures it arrives in untouched condition. 

    Owners are invited to attend this step for peace of mind; owners can document any pre-existing damage while providing access instructions such as alarm codes, GPS tracking or toll transponders so the experience runs smoothly from pickup and dropoff. You can click here to learn more about how GPS tracking works.


    Your precious sports car, classic ride, or luxury sedan represents a significant investment, and enclosed auto transport offers expert handling and protection to ensure its value, originality, and resale potential are preserved even during cross-country transport.

    These fully enclosed metal trailers provide your car with maximum protection from road debris and inclement weather that could harm its exterior, while climate systems maintain optimal interior conditions. Custom padding provides gentle securement without abrasions, while concierge communication and white-glove treatment is typically included to meet the individual needs of high-end cars.

    Before loading your vehicle into an enclosed carrier, the transport company will conduct a comprehensive exterior and interior inspection of both to accurately record its condition. Prevent pre-existing damage by attending to any mechanical issues, cleaning the vehicle thoroughly and removing loose or unnecessary accessories before transport. 

    Before signing any transport agreement, it is also crucial that your vehicle be carefully examined on arrival and that any pre-existing damage be documented for documentation by the transport provider. Most enclosed transport providers offer full insurance coverage; the extent may differ between providers. 


    Enclosed transport offers an efficient solution for shipping your car. You have the flexibility of selecting either terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door service based on your budget and needs, with professional auto transport companies taking care of every detail themselves and providing updates throughout your vehicle’s travels. 

    In addition, enclosed transport companies often offer higher insurance coverage levels against potential damage during transport. You can click the link: to learn more about insurance coverage.

    Enclosed transport provides a premium level of service that includes an in-depth inspection of your car before it is loaded onto a carrier, which helps ensure its condition before embarking on its journey and reduces risks during transit. You may wish to attend this inspection to address any concerns or voice any queries; creating an accurate record of its condition at its initial state will give both yourself and the transport company a shared understanding of its status.

    Once your vehicle arrives at its destination, it is unloaded carefully from its specialized enclosed carrier using low ramps or hydraulic lifts by experienced professionals using low ramps or hydraulic lifts. Inspecting it upon delivery ensures it arrives in the same condition it was shipped in.


    Cost of auto transport depends on a number of variables, including its size and condition. On average, fully-enclosed car shipping services cost 30-40% more than open car shipping. The exact figure depends on factors like your type of car, its location, season of year etc.

    Enclosed carriers cater to a smaller customer base than open transporters, so as a result must charge higher fees. Furthermore, enclosed shippers often offer less scheduling flexibility which increases costs even further.

    Most enclosed car haulers use either multi-car or single-car trailers. Multi-car carriers resemble semi-trucks in appearance and can comfortably fit up to seven vehicles at the same time, while single-car trailers may be best used for exotic or high-end vehicles, or expedited deliveries. Dually trucks with single-level tow trailers may also be utilized if alternative vehicles can’t fit inside multi-car carriers.

    Enclosed transport provides more privacy than open transport, as your car will remain out of sight during its shipment. This added layer of security helps safeguard it against theft or vandalism – ideal for owners of luxury or classic automobiles who wish to ensure it arrives at its destination without incident.

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