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    The Atomos Shogun & Shogun Ultra for your Production House


    Technology advances at a rapid rate in the busy world of film and video production. The Atomos Shogun and Shogun Ultra are state-of-the-art instruments that can keep up with the demands of producing high-quality materials for your production house. Production houses in Dubaihave been completely overtaken by these two gadgets, which provide a variety of capabilities that give video makers unheard-of capabilities.

    The highest resolution that the normal Shogun and the Ultra model provide when recording RAW via HDMI is the main distinction between them. The Ultra model’s maximum ProRes RAW recording resolution is 8K30p, compared to the former’s 6K30p.

    The Atomos Shogun & Shogun Ultra’s Features

    Both monitors include 12G SDI in/out and HDMI 2.0 in/out on the back, both of which allow signal cross-conversion. A Sony NP-F type battery plate, a 2.1mm locking jack DC input, a USB-C connector for firmware updates, and a media slot for Master Caddy and AtomX drives are also included. Other qualities include:

    The Marvelous Atomos Shogun Series is Unveiled

    1. Announcing the Shogun

    The Atomos Shogun is a creative powerhouse, not merely a monitor or recorder. It offers filmmakers and videographers in Dubai a crystal-clear perspective of their images with its magnificent 7-inch 1920×1200 SuperAtoms IPS touchscreen display & a maximum brightness of 2000 nits. Framing and focusing is simple on its high-resolution screen, guaranteeing that every detail is perfectly recorded.

    2. HDR Mastery

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a game-changer in the realm of cinematography, and the Shogun series embraces it wholeheartedly. These devices enable the complete range of colors and brightness to be captured, lifting the visual narrative experience to new heights. They support well-known HDR formats including HLG and HDR10.

    3. The Magic of Color Calibration

    In the realm of filmmaking, accurate color representation is essential. By providing cutting-edge color calibration tools, the Shogun series enables production companies in Dubai to achieve exact color accuracy, match various cameras without difficulty, and guarantee that their video appears gorgeous on any screen.

    4. Recording using ProRes and DNx

    Its series offers versatility in post-production workflows by supporting Avid DNx and Apple ProRes codecs. As a result, filmmakers may select the codec that best matches their project, guaranteeing high-quality video right away.

    The Super Shogun Ultra

    1. Beyond 4K Recording

    The Shogun Ultra offers production companies in Dubai the unmatched video quality they want. Astonishing detail and clarity may be captured by filmmakers using this powerful gadget, which offers recording at resolutions up to 5.7K.

    2. Accurate Touchscreen Handling

    The touchscreen interface of thisgadget is quick and simple to use, making setup and monitoring adjustments simple. It’s never been simpler to navigate menus and make edits, allowing you to concentrate on your creative vision without interruptions.

    3. Dolby Vision Support

    It has Dolby Vision functionality to stand out in the field of video creation. This indicates that your material will work with the newest HDR displays, giving viewers an engaging and eye-catching experience.

    4. Flexible Connectivity

    Adaptability is essential in a sector that is evolving quickly. It is a flexible tool for any production houses in UAE because to its extensive choice of connectivity options, including HDMI and SDI, which provide compatibility with different cameras and configurations.

    Due to their Wi-Fi antennae (Wi-Fi 6 on the Shogun and 6E on the Shogun Ultra) and RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports, both devices are network-capable. Both models can record H.265 4K files that can be instantaneously transferred to the cloud for distant collaborators to edit or review, which also implies that both models are prepared for Camera-to-cloud workflows.

    The new AtomOS 11 runs on the gadgets. This upgraded operating system adds additional exposure options including EL Zone as well as a more user-friendly user interface. Additionally, the AtomOS 11 has several clever features like the RecordAssist and PlaybackAssist, TimeLapse, SegmentPro, Onion Skins, and Frame Grab capabilities.

    Pricing and Accessibility

    Pre-orders for the new Shogun & Shogun Ultra monitor recorders are now open at B&H:

    1. 7″ SHOGUN Monitor, $999; 

    2. 7″ SHOGUN ULTRA Monitor, $1,199

    Unpacking and First Setup

    Your gadgets seems like a treasure vault of filmmaking possibilities when you first open the package:

    1. Examine the Contents: Make sure everything is there by carefully going over the contents.

    2. Firmware Update: To improve performance, look for firmware upgrades on the Atomos website and install them.

    3. Battery management: To extend the life of your batteries, fully charge them before using them.

    Care and Cleaning

    Cleaning of screens

    Your Atomos device’s screen is its brain. In order to see your film well, it must be kept spotless.

    Cleaning Products

    1. A microfiber fabric

    2. Solution for cleaning lenses

    Steps for Cleaning

    1. Power Off: Before cleaning the screen of your gadget, always turn it off.

    2. Dust Elimination: To get rid of dust, gently blow or use a can of compressed air.

    3. Microfiber Cloth: Wet the microfiber cloth using lens cleaning solution and rub it briskly across the screen.

    4. Drying: Use a separate dry cloth or let the screen air dry.

    Care for Cooling Fans

    For your Atomos gadget to last a long time, proper cooling is essential.

    Cleaning Method

    1. Power Off: Make sure the gadget is off.

    2. Compressed air: blow dust from the cooling fan vents using compressed air.

    3. Vent inspection: Look for anything that can hinder airflow.

    Transport and Storage

    1. Safeguarding Case

    To protect your gadgets from physical harm while being transported, make an investment in a high-quality protective case.

    2. Temperature Points to Consider

    Your device might be damaged by extreme temperatures. Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool&dry area.

    Updates for Firmware

    To keep your Atomos device current with the newest features and enhancements, often check for firmware upgrades.

    Battery Administration

    1. Calibration of Batteries

    To keep accurate power measurements, frequently calibrate your batteries.

    2. Extra Battery Packs

    To ensure uninterrupted filming, especially during lengthy filming days, invest in extra batteries.

    Conclusion For a production house in Dubai, the Atomos Shogun and Shogun Ultra are nothing short of revolutionary. These tools provide unequaled recording skills, outstanding display clarity, and precise color management, elevating multimedia production to new levels. Thisseries allows filmmakers to transform their imaginative ideas into magnificent motion pictures that enthrall viewers aro

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