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    Ten ways to write an excellent movie review essay

    Everyone loves watching movies.

    With what is going on these days, binge-watching seems the best option to remain safe and sound. Indeed, films play an integral part in our life. They help us recharge our batteries at the end of the day or, on the contrary, keep us on the edge of our seats following the plot. And this is why we adore watching movies and you can even learn how to make a short film about things that you like to do.

    However, sometimes they might evolve more than just simple reflections afterward. Many universities have film degrees to prepare competent critics or directors. No matter how different their courses might be, they are still united with a crucial aspect, called movie reviews.

    The article explains the most effective ways to write a peerless film review essay.

    Take Notes When Watching

    movie review essay

    People can memorize enormous amounts of data. However, it doesn’t mean that we should entirely rely on our brain and memorization abilities. Everyone possesses handy tools, such as notebooks and laptops, to improve the learning process. So, when watching a movie, make sure to jot down critical facts. You can highlight the location, events, and characters.

    Carry Out Research

    In academia, we strive to make our works authoritative and credible. To attain that, professors teach us academic rules, including how to write a successful and reliable paper. Regardless of the educational institution, the first parameter will be researching. Watching a movie is one thing. Everyone can do that. However, not everyone can and want to spend time analyzing and researching the film. Professionals from WritingCheap confirm that research plays a pivotal role in essay writing, and in no way should students avoid this stage.

    Find Unique Attributes

    Every film has its peculiarities. Somebody can be fond of the Dutch angle; others may prefer a cross-cutting cinematic technique. Anyway, make sure to document it and explain such features and their significance. Remember that the devil is in the details, so if you think the movie is shallow and pointless, you may want to re-watch it.

    Remain Objective

    It is vital to demonstrate your stance and picture the movie’s strengths and weaknesses. Your instructor will appreciate it, and so will the audience. However, there is a thin edge between appreciation and depreciation. Ensure staying objective and providing unbiased takes. Otherwise, you won’t get the highest point. To approach objectivity, back up your arguments with credible sources found after the research.


    If you can’t come up with apt ideas and comments, and overall you experience writer’s block, brainstorming might be of assistance. It is an excellent way to flex your brain muscles and develop thought-provoking ideas. Brainstorming has dozens of techniques, but let’s overview the most used:

    • Mapping

    Mind-mapping is a fantastic technique if you are into visual things. You can use your imagination and create maps of different forms, trying to figure out the topic. On the contrary, if you like mapping but prefer to follow simple patterns, a Venn diagram may help you.

    • Listing

    Listing is for students who don’t want to spend too much time on their assignments yet want to get high grades. The only thing you should do is create a simple list of ideas that you associate with the topic.

    • Freewriting

    Freewriting is the most time-consuming. However, it may help you develop unique ideas to build your paper upon. Start writing about everything that correlates with the topic and try to develop it. You may spend plenty of time. But the outcomes will be totally worth it.

    Craft an Outline

    An outline is a widely underestimated item in essay writing. The thing is, professors do not usually require crafting these layouts. And needless to say, if something is optional, the odds are high that students don’t complete it. However, they should. The outline is a condensed plan of the forthcoming paper. It helps the writer remain organized and stick to the previously composed plan. If your educator doesn’t ask you to write and submit it, you can create an outline in whatever form. Simply make sure it is clear to you.

    Follow The Structure

    movie review essay

    Typically, the structure of a standard, 500-word essay is the introduction, body part, and conclusion. When writing the paper, make sure to divide the paragraph using indentation. Let’s take a closer look at every section.

    • The Introduction

    The first paragraph usually aims to provide the audience with necessary facts about the subject and your arguments. The introduction comprises three parts: the opening statement, background information, and the thesis statement. The first item focuses on sparking the reader’s curiosity and making them read your essay. You can write a hook in the form of a statement, quotation, statistics, or anecdote. Depending on your target audience, you should use a different opening. Background information tends to give your readers some facts about the topic to help them understand your entire paper. Finally, the thesis statement is the most crucial part, as it demonstrates the arguments you will develop within the essay.

    • The Main Part

    Typically, the central part consists of three body sections that reveal arguments from the thesis sequentially. Every body paragraph has to have a topic sentence that draws a parallel with the thesis statement, an argument, explanation, evidence, and a brief conclusion.

    • Conclusion

    Likewise, you have to complete three steps to write the conclusion correctly. First, you rephrase the thesis, reminding the audience of the arguments. Then you wrap up the paper’s content, emphasizing its importance. The last sentence serves as the Call to Action, motivating the readers to discuss the topic or delve into it subsequently.

    Edit Your Writing

    movie review essay

    When you write the first draft, don’t rush to submit the paper. Put your essay away and return to it shortly after. Make sure to reread your work, preferably out loud, and highlight all the phrases and sentences that don’t fit the context. Even if there are many errors, don’t feel stressed. It is better to do that before the submission and get the desired grade than the other way around.

    Ask Someone To Check

    A fresh set of eyes is the best option to polish your writing to shine. When reading our works, we are prone to skipping hidden mistakes that are very serious. Ask your friends or family members to analyze your paper. Let them walk through it and check whether you have anything to correct.

    Employ Tools

    Since we live in a fast-changing world, we have lots of opportunities to make our lives simpler. Grammarly and Thesaurus Synonyms don’t need a special introduction. You can use these free tools whenever you like to perfect your writing style and make it more diverse and appealing.

    Writing a movie review can sometimes be daunting. Those who study film theory, film making, and many other courses related to movies will agree with that. However, it doesn’t mean the writing process is painful by default and can’t be improved. If you have to complete a movie review assignment, you are encouraged to employ the mentioned tips and surpass your colleagues by getting the highest grade. Remember that practice makes perfect, and to achieve goals, you have to drill and advance your writing skills, regardless of the task you must complete.

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