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    Stylish 750 GB External HDD Inspired by the unique sporty look of Lamborghini Supercars

    Lamborghini Hard Drive with an eye-catching design that can’t be missed, will make your data go faster. These days, Fastest Drive has become dime-a-dozen and this Lamborghini Hard Drive fulfills all the need of users. It serves your power and ability with sheer elegance and your data is always safe through fast and secure backups at the press of a button. The result is always superior external storage with a stylish Lamborghini twist whether your choice is black or white.

    Specification of Lamborghini External Hard Drive

    1. Size: Up to 750GB
    2. File management: A unique and easy interface is offered by FlexSave.
    3. Backup: FlexSave offers a user-friendly interface for easy back ups and files management, all with USB 2.0 convenience. It makes your data more secure and safe.
    4. Color scheme: Available in both black and white color schemes for greater personal choice.
    5. Look: Stylish, elegant design inspired by the unique sporty look of Lamborghini supercars.
    6. Interface: USB 3.0

    It’s an intelligent storage node which is easy to use and provides clear graphical interface. IT makes easier to store the files, data and videos etc. Backups can be achieved with one click – or scheduled in advance and a quick look at the indicator bar shows available storage. There’s even an energy-efficient idle mode for times FlexSave isn’t active, but since it’s so useful.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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