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    Streaming Videos on your iPhone and Android devices using Plex

    Plex is the one stop solution for all your video streaming needs for both iOS and Android devices. It releases the management burden by automatically handling the required metadata and also the screens. This will require you to update your configuration and folder structure before you can reap the full benefit of Plex.

    What is Plex? – It is basically an application based XBMC which is specifically made for Mac OS X. It works in two ways: a server app for desktop and client app for mobile device. The Mac OS X version comes packed with all the features that one may require. It has all the features required for pictures, music, videos, numerous plug-ins, etc. Installation of Plex in Windows is very simple and takes few simple steps.

    Plex app for android - streaming Videos Plex app for iPhone - stream videos

    Streaming videos in iOS and Android devices will require the following steps.

    1. Installing Plex – You will have to Download Plex App in your device for streaming videos. This will require few simple steps and if you are using Windows, it is easier still. It will automatically install Bonjour that will enable automatic discovery.

    2. Buying client Applications – You will require client applications for video streaming using Plex. These client applications can be found at iTunes App Store and Android Market. You will get server software free of cost but for client software you will have to shell out some money.

    Plex App for Android Devices
    Plex App For iPhone & iOS Devices

    3. Configuring Plex – In this you have to check whether Plex Media is running or not. For this, if the Plex Media is running, you will see an icon in the system tray.

    4. Open URL – Choose URL which you like and then open the link.


    Then click on the Preferences that are available in the right hand corner. If you want to name your server you should provide a user name and a password after you check this box. The default username is Administrator which you can change and also apply a password.  Next time you open this, you will have to feed the username and password. If you are a bit conscious about using name then you should uncheck this box. After this, you should hit the Security.

    5. Concluding step – Plex is very smart when it comes to taking care of its functions so there is little that you have to do now. Just click ‘Done’ when you have finished all the arrangements. If you are using your mobile data connection then you should forward port 32400 in the router settings.

    Plex is pretty straightforward and takes care of things on its own. Feel free to poke around the options, but there’s really not much you need to do. Click “Done” when you’re finished.
    If you want to access Plex via your mobile data connection while out and about, be sure to forward port 32400 in your router’s settings.

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