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    4 Must Have Stock Market Apps for Your Smartphone

    Whether you trade actively on the stock market or are a long-term investor who needs to keep a check on his or her investments, the 4 must have stock market apps reviewed here offer all the support you need. These stock market apps will assist you to make a trade, access the latest financial market news and to check your portfolio.

    No matter what happens, you’re prepared for any situation that may develop with respect to your trading or investing in the markets, with these must have stock market apps for your smartphone.

    Let’s find out more about these stock market apps.

    Bloomberg for Smartphone

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    The Bloomberg terminals are very popular with the trading community. The Bloomberg for Smartphone app has the look and feel of the Bloomberg terminal and also offers the most comprehensive and unique business news and analytical content. You can trust Bloomberg with the most up-to-date market data, which is evaluated by the minute. This stock market app also comes with the most comprehensive portfolio tracking tools. It also gives you a quick access to Bloomberg’s media outlets – Bloomberg TV shows and well as news reports and analysis from the Bloomberg website. It covers all major stock markets in the world and gives minute-by-minute information on bonds and commodity prices.  This stock market app is also available for free on both iOS and Android.

    You can download Bloomberg for Smartphone from here.

    Stock Market HeatMap for Android

    Stock Market HeatMap for Android is a terrific way to visually examine the companies and sectors that are either outperforming or underperforming the market. All winners and losers in the marketplace are identified by color. You can then post your own custom heat maps to on Twitter or Facebook. The paid version, which costs $4.11, analyzes from complex data such as price-to-sales ratio, price-to-book ratio, reads analyst recommendations and studies the behavior of the stocks.

    You can download Stock Market HeatMap for Android from here.


    Scutify is an interesting social network that brings together a community of traders and investors and is entirely app-based. Day traders, swing traders and long-term investors can find unique and highly specific insights on specific stocks and market information on Scutify. Scutify also aggregates social media posts on specific stocks, commodities, bonds, and currencies. It allows its users to collaborate with each other on trades as well as on research. Scutify may be described as the Twitter of the investing community – it helps traders and investors identify the latest stock market trends and latch on to them. This stock market app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

    You can download Scutify from here.

    E*Trade Mobile E

    stock market apps
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    E*Trade Mobile is one of the oldest and most established trading apps out there. In fact, it was E*Trade that democratizes stock market trading in the 1990’s by introducing online trading, which meant people could trade or invest in stocks directly, without having to hire a stock broker to place the trades for them. Effectively, E*Trade started an online trading revolution, which put countless stock brokers across the United States out of business. It is available as an app as well, which enables trading stocks on the go, from your smartphone. This stock market app makes it very easy to place orders and receive execution information through the E*Trade Mobile app. You can track your portfolio and access the latest research and analysis on specific stocks as well. E*Trade Mobile is available for free on both iOS and Android.

    You can download E*Trade Mobile from here.

    I hope you’ve found this selection of stock market apps given here interesting. Of course, you may have your own favorites stock market apps and that is good. If so, please let us know about them in the comments section below, we will be sure to review them as well.

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    Happy reading about my 4 favourite stock market apps!



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