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    SSL Certificate Benefits – How Comodo SSL Helps to Secure Your Site

    The digital space is an ever-dynamic whirlwind that seems to evolve with each passing minute.

    New technologies come with new threats, and as such new security measures must be put in place to kick these malicious threats to the curb.

    Just half a decade or so ago, the term SSL certificate was relatively new to most people and only seemed as a dish for the elite and wealthy.

    Then came 2014 when Google announced that having HTTPS enabled on your website would be used as a ranking factor.

    Since then, every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the online space has adopted the term ‘SSL Certificates’ almost like a second mother tongue.

    About the SSL certificate

    SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL certificate encodes the details of an organization running between the server and the browser.

    Basically, this certificate is used to secure data in transit between a users’ browser and the webserver of an organization.

    Any data being sent to and from the webserver will be encrypted and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

    Usually, when an SSL certificate is activated on a website, HTTPS instead of basic HTTP will be displayed on the URL bar as well as a padlock.

    EV SSL certificates also display the company name and a turn the URL bar’s color to green with a padlock.

    What is Comodo Authority?

    So now you understand what an SSL certificate is all about and why it’s important for your website.

    Now the next step will be getting affordable and high-quality SSL certificates.

    This process is regulated by approved bodies known as Certificate Authorities (CAs).

    If you were to search on Google for the most reputable certificate authorities in the market today, one respected name that would stand out is, for example, Comodo Authority.

    Comodo SSL certificates are some of the most popular and far-reaching certificates on the web space today due to their diverse product and pricing ranges as well as outstanding customer support.

    They offer a wide range of SSL certificates ranging from single and multi-domain SSL certificates to Wildcard, OV and EV SSL certificates.

    Benefits of Comodo SSL certificates

    #1. Google Ranking

    Attaining a high ranking on Google’s Search Engines Results Pages (SERPS) requires hard work from any website owner.

    One of the benefits of using Comodo SSL certificates is that being a respected brand, your website is bound to be approved by all web security checks, browsers, OS and servers.

    On top of this, Google announced that enabling HTTPS on your website would be a ranking factor, and so by just visiting Comodo Authority and acquiring an SSL certificate, you have already started your journey to the top of SERPs.

    #2. Provide Encryption

    We did state that SSL certificates work by encrypting the data exchanged between a users’ browser and the webserver of an organization so that it can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

    Now this is a very amazing thing that Comodo SSL certificates offer you.

    Hackers and cybercriminals have become extra smart and are always looking for any data being transmitted insecurely to intercept it.

    Imagine if credit card details of your website customers are intercepted!

    That is business suicide not imagining the lawsuits that may follow.

    Encryption is, therefore, a lifesaver.

    #3. Trust indicators

    Trust is said to be the most important fuel for any relationship, whether business or personal.

    Online users have become very paranoid in the wake of large organizations like Facebook, Microsoft and Tinder suffering world-hitting data breaches.

    The thing with trying out Comodo SSL certificates is that it offers your website the much-needed trust indicators like the HTTPS and the padlock on the URL bar.

    If you go a notch higher and acquire an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate from Comodo Authority, you will enjoy the highest validation as well as your company name being displayed there which can go a long way in establishing trust with prospective website visitors.

    #4. PCI DSS

    If you are planning to launch an online business, you are undoubtedly planning to be accepting credit card payments.

    For this to happen, it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with the requirements outlined by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

    One of their stipulations is that a website must be HTTPS enabled to accept online payments.

    That is why a visit to Comodo Authority is worth your while.

    #5. Win customers’ Trust

    Trust is very important for any relationship to thrive.

    When you launch your online business, you do want to make money.

    For this to happen, you will need to generate conversions which can only be gained through winning customer trust.

    The first step to achieving this is acquiring a suitable SSL product from Comodo SSL certificates.

    When a site seal, HTTPS, and a security padlock is there, customers can easily get assurance and would like to deal with the website. 

    #6. Phishing Protection

    If you have come across the word phishing online, it refers to when a fake or malicious website purports to be the original version of the website that you are looking for so as to steal your personal identifiable information like login and credit card details.

    This is by far one of the most prevalent cybercrimes because an unsuspecting user will easily sign into a website pretending to be PayPal for instance only to realize their mistake later when they have been defrauded.

    High-quality Comodo SSL certificates like the EV one will showcase the company name on the URL bar and turn the bar’s color to green to protect users from phishing attempts.


    SSL certificates are available at a cheap price, and they are mandatory.

    You need to establish trust with your website’s visitors, and one sure-fire way to do that is showing them that you care about their online safety.

    Comodo Authority is a trusted brand when it comes to all your website security needs.

    Start your online journey with Comodo SSL certificates today and watch your Google ranking rise hand in hand with your conversions.

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