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    Smart Tech For A Smart, Efficient, And Safe Small Business

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    Busy entrepreneurs usually don’t have free time to look into new, innovative technologies to improve their daily operations.

    However, such an approach ends up bleeding money unnecessarily. The IoT (internet of things) is taking the digital world by storm, and things aren’t going to slow down any soon.

    IoT is all about connecting various devices, giving individuals an on and off switch to the internet. Everything from a doorbell to a video camera to a coffee machine can incorporate with such a feature. The result? A more innovative and streamlined experience inside your premises. That said, smart tech is not limited to our homes anymore. More and more people are boarding the tech train and implementing innovative technologies to improve their workplaces and businesses.

    It allows people to hook up devices that improve energy efficiency, security, and process optimization. One of the easiest ways to bring down business costs is to install innovative technology inside your business’s premises. Smart tech helps organizations in so many ways that the investment pays off quickly. Listed below in this article are a few intelligent tech choices for smart businesses.

    Embedded hardware authentication

    A password or a pin code is no longer the most foolproof way to protect business-based hardware. Embedded hardware authentication is a technology that does the best job at identifying a user trying to breach a security protocol. For instance, Intel dived right into this field by launching their new generation of vPro chips.

    These powerful authentication silicon chips are present inside the hardware itself. Intel designed them to revolutionize how authentication security works. They are an excellent option for business owners looking for better user authentication techniques. To know more about user authentication and how it works, consider enrolling in a masters in cyber security online degree program. If you’re running a business that requires high data security, these courses will help you develop a better understanding of the latest information management systems and how to keep vital data safe.

    A smart lock

    Suppose you have in-house employees that are regularly coming and going from your business’s premises. In that case, a smart lock will limit access and allow you to monitor whoever enters or leaves. You can usually use a smart lock to set up individual passwords, lockout anyone at any time, and most importantly, replace swipe cards with a keyless entry system for improved security.

    A smart lock can also provide you with a detailed report and send you real-time alerts when anyone uses the entrance/exit.

    Security systems

    In order to protect your business investment, a smart security system is a must-have deployment. Found initially inside homes, these security systems are becoming more popular with tech-savvy business owners. These security systems usually come with various door and window-based motion sensors to alert you via your mobile device if there is any unauthorized activity.

    Most security systems also include leak and heat sensors to protect your business from unexpected damages caused by fire and water. For example, an intelligent security system will alert the local Fire department if it senses smoke or fire.

    Smart thermostat

    Did you know that your thermostat contributes to controlling your energy bills? This device adapts to your business’s surrounding environment to understand when to increase or decrease the temperature. Consequently, your workplace becomes more energy-efficient and contributes to lowering your carbon footprint. The money saved on bills will also reduce your business’s operational costs.

    If there is no one present inside the business premises, the thermostat will adjust the temperature accordingly. Also, it will get the place up to a comfortable temperature for the next day. Not only that, but you can also hook it up with your mobile device. It will give you an extra layer of control from wherever you are.

    Video doorbell

    A security system doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. A simple doorbell that contains a video camera is simple to use and affordable enough that even small businesses can buy it. Such a doorbell is not a typical one that you find in most homes. It usually contains a high-resolution video camera which allows you to keep an eye on people at your door. Plus, mobile connectivity enables you to keep an eye on your business front door wherever you are.

    Intelligent lighting

    Another way to improve energy efficiency is by including intelligent lights inside your business premises. Just like cooling/heating, lighting also accounts for a big part of your energy bills. So, when it comes to choosing the right type of lighting for your business, smart lights are the way to go! They are worth the long-term investment. Users can also control these lights through their mobile devices, regardless of the lighting or user’s location. Some also come with motion sensors and automatically switch off when there is no activity inside a room.

    Self-aware chatbots

    Chatbots might be common for large businesses. However, more small companies now incorporate them into their business practices, especially to enhance customer care efforts. One easy way to integrate chatbots in your business is to use them with your social media page. This will allow you to provide timely and quick responses whenever there is no dedicated person to manage your social media presence. Chatbots can also assist with more complicated business processes such as automating sales or inventory management.


    Innovative business technology is still in its early stages. However, it continues to offer businesses countless benefits. These include cost savings, deeper business understanding, improved business operations, and, most importantly, better data security. If you are looking for some intelligent tech yourself, consider the options from this list to encourage change inside your business’s environment.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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