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    Smart ideas for Instagram feed for a graphic design business

    Social media today has become the hub of most business houses and brands.

    It’s also a place for artists and freelancers to professionally create their business profiles and manage their news feeds. Are you into a graphic design business? If so, you need to enhance your Instagram feed in a way that adds value to your business.

    Today, it’s a norm for brands and freelance artists to connect with their followers and target audience through Instagram. Also, clients check a graphic designer’s Instagram account to judge the person’s skills, work, posts to decide whether he/she is the best choice for a project at hand. And here, Instagram “likes” play a crucial role.

    A graphic designer, of average fame can’t have millions or even thousands of Instagram followers and likes within a span of six months of opening a business account. However, if he/she has about 300 to 400 followers and likes that will act in their favor. Attracting organic traffic and likes takes time, despite using the correct hashtags. There are service providers that help companies and graphic designers get more Instagram likes. To know more about this, you can check out Insta 4 Likes.

    Managing the feed for your graphic design business

    You need to know about different Instagram themes, feed designs, theme filters, and grid layout ideas to manage your business account accordingly.

    Discussed below are the best feed ideas that you can opt-in for:

    • Manage the brand theme color

    One of the best ideas for creating the best news feeds for your graphic design business is to choose one brand color and then stick to it. You can add these colors to any images that you want to post. You can also generate color-coordinated, branded, and Instagram feed design. Usually, your brand color appears when you are making posts related to:

    • Photo backdrop. 
    • Packaging.
    • Clothes.
    • Quotes.
    • Various props. 
    • Manage the rows theme

    Managing the rows creates a visual appeal, which elevates your feed’s aesthetic level. You can make use of every row in the grid for showcasing anything different. It could be a different model, product, photoshoot, and product color.

    • Organize the tiles

    Do you want your graphic design news feeds to appear distinctive? If yes, then the tile layout is a smart call. Here you get to use every square in the grid and develop a unique and fun layout. You can customize the tiles depending on how you think your audience and followers will perceive you. Have a trial and error process to arrive at the best cut and stick to it predominantly, as you keep experimenting with other tile arrangements. 

    • Have a line right in the middle

    For this, you need to imagine that your Instagram feed has columns at the center. That will help you create the line. And this line in the middle will allow people to scroll down your feed. It helps to make your users focus on the post as they browse. That way, they can notice the creative aspects of your post. And it might urge a client to observe your posts in-depth and consider you apt for a project.

    • Similar photo backdrop

    It’s a smart call to make use of similar backdrops in the pictures on the Instagram feed theme. It’s because the backdrop of these images is essential to keep the Instagram feed looking professional and clean. That’s not all. It also helps people to concentrate on the correct aspect, which is the product. You can make it a point to use this image when you are designing for another client. Some businesses make use of the same backdrop for most of their images.  

    • Try out the rainbow feed

    Do you want to showcase multiple artwork colors? If yes, you can set-up the Rainbow Instagram feed. This feed makes the colors in the feed modify their colors as you scroll down. It also follows the colors of the rainbow. This news feed is essential for:

    • Furniture stories
    • Clothing brands
    • Graphic designers
    • Nail art brands
    • Cosmetics brand
    • Try and use a similar filter

    Filters can work magic! Even when the images appears different, the filter can make the images look as if they are from the same brand. 

    • The puzzle feed

    It is one of the rare feeds for most companies, brands, and freelance artists. So, if you are planning to opt-in for the puzzle feed, you should stand out completely.

    • Sharing relatable quotes

    Sharing quotes is one of the common news feed ideas on Instagram. You can share quotes by the best graphic designers on art, design, creativity, and the like.

    • Inspirational quotes

    It’s essential for people to stay motivated during such challenging times. Hence, sharing inspirational life quotes that evoke positive sentiments and happiness is a good idea.

    Every graphic designer wants their news feed to stand out! By following the ideas mentioned above, you can accomplish the same.

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