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    Small business development during COVID-19 pandemic – Eric Dalius shares crucial tips that help

    Small business owners did not expect 2020 to be dominated by a pandemic outbreak and adversely impacted their business development and client acquisition plans.

    Currently, when most small business organizations are opting for partial lockdowns and remote working arrangements, it has become essential for small business firms to plan their business continuity and development strategy for the coming months.

    Small business firms need to understand their marketing and business objectives to work towards business development.

    Eric Dalius shares essential tips that business owners can use as they plan for developing new business.

    • Hold on to company savings

    Small businesses have limited financial resources that they have to use judiciously.

    During the pandemic outbreak, the earnings and profits have declined to a considerable extent. Hence, small business owners mustn’t indulge in marketing strategies or development plans that cost a lot, such as billboard hoardings or a television ad campaign.

    Eric J Dalius suggests, Small business owners should focus on developing business networks during this phase instead of aggressively pushing their marketing plans.

    • Virtual presentations and client pitches

    It is necessary to curb down business travel as much as possible, to reduce the chances of getting infected by community transmission.

    Business owners can present their sales pitch over an email and share relevant business development presentations through online video calls or conference apps.

    Zoom is popular with small business enterprises. It is essential to share relevant spreadsheets and documents beforehand so that your client is about the presentation.

    • Retaining your existing contracts

    Small businesses have multiple ongoing clients for whom they work on a retainer basis. These contracts get renewed every three to six months.

    It is necessary to pay attention to these clients and ensure that you provide them complete support.

    The objective presently is to thrive in a fluctuating marketing scenario.

    You can also make the necessary modifications to the client deliverables and expectations.

    Retaining an old client is more crucial than bagging new ones in a turbulent market condition.

    • Ask for recommendations

    Small business organizations cannot go all out to seek more clients because of the limitations created by the pandemic.

    During this time, it makes sense to ask for recommendations. You can do this by asking your business partners and investors to recommend your brand and deem fit.

    • Leverage social media

    Currently, most brands are considering social media as a potent tool for brand promotion and business development.

    According to EJ Dalius, joining hands with a social media influencer is an excellent way to promote your business and also pave the path for interested customers and clients to contact you.

    Additionally, you can share interesting social media posts that suggests how your brand is operating during the pandemic and make clients contact you directly.

    You can even share a message where you mention that your brand is welcoming enterprising working opportunities.

    The pandemic outbreak has made it challenging to expand business the way a business owner wants. There are limitations and rules to obey for personal safety.

    The tactics mentioned above can help small enterprises to sail through this challenging phase.

    Maria Jones
    Maria Jones
    A Business Analyst who is always sharing business tips as well as career tips. She is passionate about the latest trends of business & implementation.

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