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    Skills To Learn For Working In Software Tech Industry

    If you visit any given job portal, you’ll see that it is filled with IT vacancies.

    Companies want to hire JavaScript developers, iOS programmers, Python specialists, and the list goes on endlessly. And even if it is a digital marketing specialist opening, the chances are that it’s again for an IT company.

    But to apply for these vacancies, first, you need to know how it feels like to work in a tech company. And that’s precisely what we will cover in this article, so let’s jump straight to the:

    5 Most Demanded Skills for Working in a Tech Company

    Programming and Development Skills

    In the essence of all the IT companies is a tech product or some sort of digital service. So it’s not surprising that programmers and developers make such a significant percentage of overall tech companies.

    If you haven’t yet decided what you want to pursue as your career but are sure you want to be a part of a tech company, start learning to program. But before you do so, make sure that you figure out which programming language suits you the most. Are you more into front-end languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or React? Or do back-end languages like PHP and Java seem more interesting for you?

    Whatever it is, getting development skills will certainly help you get a well-paying job in the tech industry.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The next in-demand skill in the tech industry is AI. Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of computers or technical machines to imitate human intelligence and automatically solve issues, make decisions, understand or respond to a language or recognize certain objects.

    There are so many functions that AI can do that an entire article would not be enough to list them all. But the most crucial part is that it’s getting more and more popular by each year. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that AI is already surrounding you: there are so many AI-powered technologies that you use every day but don’t even notice them.

    And tech companies don’t want to get behind the competition, so most of the time, they use AI intelligence to make their product even more appealing. In other words, if you study AI and learn to work as a data scientist or research scientist, you can be sure that the tech recruiters will not leave you without a juicy offer.

    Data visualization

    Time to get to the more creative jobs. If you’re more into the design and visual crafts, then you’ll love this one. Another in-demand skill in the tech industry is the ability to visualize data.

    Visualizing complex data helps to give the businesses and management a more comprehensive analysis of the situation. We’ve all been skimming through really detailed data reports and not grasping anything in there. It takes some time to figure out the data on your own, and most of the time, the management team does not have time for that.

    So having someone who can visualize the data for them and represent it in an understandable manner is a huge plus.

    Analytical skills

    No matter which profession you choose, having analytical skills will certainly come in handy, especially in the IT-sphere, where you are always expected to find logical and easy solutions to various problems.

    Or even better. If you have an analytical mindset, you’ll figure out the problems way before they even arise. This will help you save a bunch of time on solving issues.

    Not sure which skills are analytical? The examples can be an ability to read and create tables in a spreadsheet identifying the trends over time.

    Project Management

    Finally, the last skill on our list is the skill to manage projects. Because tech companies always have so many things going on, having a person who can organize and overlook all the tasks is not only helpful but pretty much mandatory. So if you think you’re good at managing diverse, complex projects, then you’ll love this job.

    Once you master this skill, you can move on to learning product management and elevating your career game.

    Final thoughts

    In 2021, getting a job in the tech industry means securing yourself with a good and well-paid position. However, you do need to learn some new skills to get there. The five skills mentioned in this article will certainly be enough to get a decent job and never be afraid of staying unemployed.

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