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    Sharpner pencil, get Wooden Eraser

    Today in the world we can see signs and boards for encouraging the people to use the things which can be recycle further instead of non recyclable things . So , in order to encourage it Geeker’s Magazine publishing this article to encourage people in the same concern.

    Everyone has has used pencil in his/her life and also used a sharpner to sharpen it to draw a good sketch/drawing. So , can you ever imagine of recycling the pencil wooden waste to use it in one or the other way. So, here we providing one of the best way to use it in another form i.e.,to convert it into an “Eraser”.

    The folks who came here before the Spanish and from the UK, they had a bunch of tribes and clubs and groups that basically all hunted and used all kinds of bison. They used the WHOLE thing. They used the bones, the fur, the meat, and the eyeballs!
    And now theyhave done the same thing with a pencil which is illustrated below this paragraph.
    via Yankoo Design

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    1. That’s stupid! When you sharppen a pencil, you sharpen the wood part AND the “lead” part.
      I assume with that gizmo, you’ll find “lead” dust mixed in your wooden waste which will leave stains everytime you use the eraser….

      And what about those “new” pencils that are not made of wood but of a kind of plastic?


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