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    Share Your Files Between Mac and Windows with FileDrop

    We have discussed many great Wi-Fi file sharing apps for Mac earlier but FileDrop is different from them that makes transferring the files so easy like never before! It lets it’s users to transfer their files by simply dragging and dropping them between two near by devices. The app is so easy to use that you hardly require any extra settings in order to use it. Just install the app on all the computers that are on the same Wi-Fi network and then easily drag and drop the files between them. No hassle at all. This excellent app comes with the free price tag and is currently available for Mac and Windows but will be available for Android and iOS very soon (according to their official site).


    FileDrop has a complete user friendly interface that has simplified the sharing of files on the same Wi-Fi network. For a successful file transfer, you need to keep two things in your mind before proceeding- FileDrop must be installed on all the devices that you are going to use and second, all of them must be on the same Wi-Fi network. To transfer any file, launch the app on your system (Mac or Windows) and the app then take a while to automatically detects all the other systems that have enabled FileDrop on the same Wi-Fi network  and makes them visible to you. For the quick transfer, it shows a dropzone on your desktop displaying the where you can drag and drop your those files which you want to share. At receiver’s side, a  popup appears asking for the permission to accept or decline the file transfer. Please note that, you need to refresh the app to detect other computers. Apart from transferring the files, you can also view the number of files you have received (a small emblem on the Downloads arrow will show it), can view a complete list of received files and you can also change the default folder from downloads to other (as per your desire) to save the received files.

    Filedrop file sharing app for mac

    Key Features:

    1. Transfer files to the computers that are on the same Wi-Fi network

    2. User Friendly interface

    3. Extremely easy to use

    4. Displays awesome animations (something like firefly) on the dropzone until receiver responds to the popup


    1. As simple as passing a pen

    2. Supports cross-platform

    3. Quickly shares the files

    4. No limit on number of files can be sent


    1. App doesn’t run in background

    2. You need to launch the app again if you close it once


    All in all FileDrop is an excellent file sharing app and is best when you want quick results. Support for cross platforms, easy to use interface and a free price tag make it a solid choice.

    Download FileDrop

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